IndiaMullaperiyar wood room permit issued without his office's knowledge; Minister of...

Mullaperiyar wood room permit issued without his office’s knowledge; Minister of Forests

Thiruvananthapuram: Forest Minister AK Sasindran said that the government was not aware of the decision to cut down trees ahead of strengthening the baby dam in Mullaperiyar. The decision was taken without the knowledge of the Chief Minister’s Office. He was speaking to the media this morning.

Fall at the official level

Forest Minister AK Sasindran said that permission was given to cut down trees in Mullaperiyar without the knowledge of his office. The officer had a fall. Decisions should not be made at the official level alone. The Chief Wildlife Warden will submit the report at 11 a.m. today. The Forest Minister said that further action will be taken after this.

15 Permission to cut down trees


Baby Dam Kerala has given permission to Tamil Nadu to cut down 15 trees. Yesterday too, the Forest Minister had alleged that the Chief Wildlife Warden had given permission without his knowledge. The Water Resources Department said it was not aware of the incident.

Opposition with criticism

According to the report, the Opposition will point out that the Forest Minister’s position that he was not aware of the decision was due to the lack of collective responsibility of the Cabinet. NK Premachandran MP alleges that the Mullaperiyar wood cutting permission will not take place without the knowledge of the Chief Minister. Premachandran told Asianet News that this was a scam.

Tamil Nadu minister says Mullaperiyar will be 152 feet


Tamil Nadu Water Resources Minister Duraimurukan, who visited the Mullaperiyar Dam yesterday, had said that the water level would be raised to 152 feet. With this, the people living on the banks of Periyar are very worried. They want the state government to put pressure on Tamil Nadu to build a new dam. At present, it is 136 feet, while the demand for 152 feet has risen amid concerns.