SportsMuguruza suffers Ons Jabeur

Muguruza suffers Ons Jabeur

Muguruza resist, fight, fight. But it’s the same. Ahead is an erupting volcano that spits talent and genius through its racket. Ons Jabeur, in full ecstasy, unleashed, has fun on the mat of the Wimbledon center, where the same jumps and taps the feet with the ball, as if she were a footballer, or invents a majestic backhand in suspension that leaves with an open mouth to whoever observes. The Tunisian, the first Arab woman who has managed to win a professional tennis title, completes the festival after 2h 26m of pure fun and definitively closes the way to the Spanish woman, who wants and, for now, cannot: 5-7, 6-3 and 6-2. Again, Garbiñe says goodbye much earlier than desired from a great.

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Muguruza is not lacking in determination, who started the course with renewed energy and a more than hopeful first term, with an abundance of victories and imposing respect again. However, when spring came, the course began to twist and some muscular problems appeared that trapped her like a trap. He ran aground in the spring and the spark and the rhythm, the confidence and the confidence that he had gained in the launch of the season left, and from there the good step was over. He skated in Paris and in London he was presented with a juicy opportunity in which he was, a priori, the kindest branch of the painting. Nothing could be further from the truth. The route hid a trap.

Her name is Ons Jabeur, a 26-year-old Tunisian who occupies the 24th position of the ranking and that he has been playing like a charm for a few weeks, growing like foam. He had lifted the Birmingham trophy a couple of weeks ago and it was coming like a shot, hoisting that creative tennis that is sorely lacking at this time. Muguruza knew it, who approached the duel with suspicion, since Jabeur is on the lips of the whole dressing room and he already demanded a lot from him the only time they had faced each other, last year in Hobart; put on notice, he put everything on his side, but as soon as his rival took a definitive step forward, he could only row and repel.

“I’m still thinking what I have been missing … It was strange, I’m a bit confused,” she said in the conference room. “In the first set I managed to hurt her, but in the second I lacked determination and she played very well, and in the third she escaped me very quickly. He has a very unusual game, it is not easy to read the plays. I have had a bad time, because I have had my opportunities and I have not managed to convert them ”, lamented Muguruza.

From resistance to crisis

The Spanish had not stepped on the Center Court for three years, and despite the initial nerves of the Tunisian she checked very quickly what was in front of her. From the outset, Jabeur showed his cards and invented a stroke in the race that dodged the net post from the outside, and little by little he showed his cards. Let it go and let it come, she tried to confuse him with changes in rhythms and heights, the same hitting with deep and flat shots as she went through the ball to find the tickle. Brave, Muguruza kept the type during the first set and tried to impose his most direct version, managing to score that first set by dint of pride and trade, taking out the shield. But Jabeur did not hesitate one iota: he kept the proposal and continued to board.

The Spaniard spent most of the afternoon bailing water, and if the litigation extended it was because she was brilliant in the defensive phase; aborted up to 24 options for breaking the Tunisian, but this attracted her to the network, aware that there Muguruza suffers more than necessary – she made a mistake 18 times of the 34 that she ventured to climb -, and began to give one stitch after another once he managed to decant the second set, with the break of the eighth game. There came the crisis, the moment in which Jabeur definitely grew and took over the party in all its aspects. He signed 11 consecutive points at the start of the third, taking advantage of the stun, and from that point he put the direct without remission.

Although the nerves led him urgently to the bottom at closing time, expressed liberatingly in the vomit, the African sealed a magnificent performance. In this way, she will be measured with the Polish Iga Swiatek in the eighth and removed Muguruza from the tournament, in which she has not managed to cross the barrier of the third round since she was crowned in 2017.

“At the beginning of the year I felt better inertia and I had good results. I have set aside the dirt tour a bit, because I did not want to think about it, and here I have felt better. I don’t have the feeling that I’m playing badly, although it depends a lot on me and I can’t close it when I have to close it ”, the 12th in the world went ugly. “The sensation is bittersweet, they are not the results I want, logically. But I know they are details, I have to analyze. I want to win and do well, and that sometimes clouds you a bit. But I am not in a bad mood, I prefer to look ahead and think about how I am going to prepare for the Games. I think I’m on a good line and the results will come back. I want to see it like that ”, he settled.

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