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‘Mr Rajasthan’ caught in the trap of beauty, dancer girl created the story of blackmail with nude photos

Ramswaroop Lamoror, Jaipur: A youth from Jaipur, who won the title of ‘Mr Rajasthan’ in the Body Building Championship 2021, got caught in the trap of honeytrap. The young man was trapped in a honeytrap by a lady dancer from UP. For about two-and-a-half-three years, a dancer girl and Mr. Rajasthan Anish were friends. After this, the lady dancer left Anish and started living with another young man. After a year of being away from Radha, Anish married another girl. On seeing Anish’s house settled, the girl started blackmailing him. Showing the fear of defamation, he started extorting 40 to 50 thousand rupees every month. In the end he asked for 20 lakh rupees. Distressed Anish complained to the police, then the dancer girl who was trapped in the honeytrap herself got caught in the police trap.

50 lakh rupees demanded by threatening to make obscene photos viral
During the friendship for two years, there was a physical relationship between Anish and the dancer girl. Indecent photos and videos of these physical relations were captured by the girl in her mobile phone. As soon as Anish married another girl, the dancer girl started blackmailing him.

50 lakh was demanded
Presented at the police station on behalf of Anish. According to the report, Radha was blackmailing him for the last one year. He used to take 40 to 50 thousand rupees every month. In the end, he demanded Rs 50 lakh. The deal was settled for twenty lakhs.

The young man first said to give 50 thousand, then the girl agreed
Anish did not have 20 lakh cash, so he told the girl that he would give 50 thousand cash and give a check of 19 lakh 50 thousand rupees. The girl agreed. On Tuesday afternoon, the girl reached Chandpole to collect money and cheque. As soon as he took 50 thousand rupees and 19 lakh 50 thousand check from Anish, at the same time Sanjay Circle police caught Radha red-handed.

The girl who left her husband, runs a dance group in Jaipur
According to Sanjay Circle Police Station, the accused girl Radha is a resident of Uttar Pradesh. She left her husband and started living in Jaipur. Initially he worked in Jaipur Metro for a year. After this, she started taking part in modeling and dance. Three years ago, the girl formed a dance group of her own.

Apart from Jaipur, she started performing dance with her group in many states. Being an expensive hobby, his expenses were not being met with the money he got from dance. So he started blackmailing Anish.

Friendship happened while working together in Jaipur Metro
The victim Anish, a resident of Hasanpura, used to work in Jaipur Metro in the year 2016. In those days, a girl resident of Buland city UP also used to work there. Due to working together, the two became friends. Since the girl had come to Jaipur leaving her husband. That’s why she lived alone. In such a situation, he grew close to Anish.

Anish gave a complaint, then the police arrested
Police said that the two were friends for almost two years and during this time both of them had an illegal physical relationship. In the guise of obscene photos and videos made during these relationships, the girl had trapped Anish in the honeytrap. On the complaint of Anish, the Sanjay Circle police arrested the accused girl and ruined her dreams.