WorldMothers rally continues for 700 days in Turkish Diyarbakir

Mothers rally continues for 700 days in Turkish Diyarbakir

For the 700th day, a sit-in by a group of parents whose children were deceived into the ranks of the terrorist organization RKK continues for the 700th day at the office of the Democratic Party of the Peoples of Turkey (HDP) in the city of Diyarbakir in the southeast of the country.

The protesters accuse HDP of aiding terrorists, whose propaganda is carried out among young people. According to the parents, their children were deceived into a number of RKKs.

One of the participants in the action outside the HDP office, Hajire Akar, said that she had secured the return of her son from the ranks of the terrorists. The son voluntarily laid down his arms and returned to a peaceful life at the end of August this year, the woman recalled. She joined the action on August 22, and two days later, her son responded to her call, abandoning criminal activities.

The will and determination shown by Akar became a ray of hope for the other participants in the sit-down action.

The number of protesters is actively growing and has reached 234 people.

To this day, 31 minors have left the ranks of the terrorists and returned to their family.

Mevlude Uchdag has not received news from Ramadan’s son for many years and is ready to continue participating in the sit-down action until the last moment. “We will definitely bring our children back. We call on all of Turkey to join us on the third anniversary of the start of the action in September, ”Uchdag said.

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