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Mother threw the old laptop, the person got into depression, the ‘password’ of bitcoin worth 30 billion rupees was hidden

A bitcoin trader has claimed that he lost £300 million worth of cryptocurrency because his mother threw away his broken laptop. Keeping his identity a secret, the man wrote on Reddit, ‘Bitcoin changed his life when he found out how much the 10,000 bitcoins he had are currently worth.’ He claimed that he had bought these bitcoins on an experimental basis in 2010.

A Reddit user told that his friends had advised him to buy bitcoin, which was then only worth $ 80 (about 6 thousand rupees). But after graduation he got busy and forgot about bitcoin. Years later, when bitcoin hit the headlines, the 25-year-old remembered that he had also bought ‘some’ coins during his college days. But when he reached home and started looking for his old laptop, he was disappointed.
Bitcoin worth 34 billion rupees thrown in the garbage, the person has been searching for 8 years, now took the help of NASA
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His old laptop was kept broken for many years. A Reddit user found out that his mother had thrown away his old laptop. According to one of his Reddit posts in 2019, he was simultaneously angry, shocked, upset and sad. He said that he was almost about to faint because this great loss had caused him a deep mental shock. His depression escalates as he thinks he could have been a billionaire.

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The man told that he was very angry with his mother. Despite his efforts to get his life back on track, he said that the rising value of bitcoin added to his depression. In his post, he wrote, ‘I am still broken, I still live with my parents, I work but I hate this job. I have friends but we don’t talk much and my life is not exactly what it used to be.