Mother-son together bought chocolate from supermarket, luck opened as soon as the...

Mother-son together bought chocolate from supermarket, luck opened as soon as the packet was opened

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New Delhi:

Who doesn’t like to eat chocolate. Especially children like chocolate with their genes. But where does it happen that chocolate can turn someone’s luck? Yes, this time it really happened. A mother bought chocolates and this chocolate made her a millionaire. Actually it happened that the scheme was going on in a supermarket. Under this scheme, a golden ticket could be issued for taking a chocolate. Someone’s luck was going to shine through this ticket. Sian Walker, a resident of England, bought this chocolate with her son. This ticket made his life.

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According to an information, the mother-sons together bought it from Dairyfine Golden Giveaway Chocolate Bar from Aldi store. Just out of this, he also got a Golden Ticket. Its price can range from 5000 Euro to 10,000 Euro. 43-year-old Sian says that when she came to know that she had won a huge amount from this ticket, she was in seventh heaven. She says that first she picked up a small packet of chocolate, then she picked up a bigger packet to share with her son. Because of this, his luck opened.

Now with this amount, Sian wants to make her home. Regarding this incident, she says, ‘I was joking with my son in the beginning, when we opened it, he had a golden ticket inside.’ In this way, because of buying chocolate, his fortune got turned upside down. According to another information, 25 such golden tickets have come out in England last month, in which many people have won prizes of lakhs. That’s why this news is being shared a lot.