IndiaMother of dead child has a slight fever; Health Minister says...

Mother of dead child has a slight fever; Health Minister says contact list may be expanded


  • The route map will be expanded
  • Have trained health workers available for treatment
  • Those at high risk were transferred to medical college

Kozhikode: Health Minister Veena George said that the mother of the 12-year-old who died due to Nipah in Chathamangalam has a slight fever. They are in the high-risk category in primary contact. Watching them. The minister said those, including the child’s mother, had been transferred to a medical college.

After the review meeting held in Kozhikode, the minister said that there is a possibility of expanding the contact list of the child who died due to NIPA. There may be people who are not recognized by the Department of Health when publishing the route map. Primary contacts are now detected. The minister also said that their secondary contacts need to be identified.

The contact list will need to be expanded when secondary contacts are found. Have trained health workers available for treatment. The minister said private hospitals have been directed to inform the health department in case of any unusual fever or death.

The meeting was attended by Ministers PA Mohammad Riyaz and AK Sasindran, who visited Kozhikode Medical College to assess the activities in the wake of the NIPA virus outbreak. The pay ward block of the medical college was set up for NIPA treatment and isolation. . “

“The availability of ICU beds and ventilators will be ensured. Ambulance facilities will be ensured to bring those in contact with the patient to the Medical College Hospital immediately. Vacancies in the staff of Kozhikode Medical College Hospital related to NIPA prevention will be filled soon.”

“Steps have been taken to facilitate NIPA testing at Kozhikode Medical College itself. Point of care testing will be conducted there in collaboration with NIV Pune. It will be sent to NIV Pune for confirmation once again. The test results will be announced within 12 hours. Minister Veena George said in a Facebook post.

The health minister arrived in Kozhikode this morning after NIPA confirmed his death. After the meeting at the guest house, a review meeting of the various sections was held at the Collectorate. There are one hundred and fifty eight people in the contact list. Twenty of them are in primary contact. Two of them are being treated at a hospital for treatment, officials said.

Meanwhile, a central team visited the home of the deceased child. The Center for Disease Control team reached Munnur in Chathamangalam panchayath in Kozhikode. It is not yet clear from where the child contracted the disease. However, relatives said that the boy had eaten rambutan from the field before contracting the disease. Based on this, the team visited the place and collected samples of rambutan fruit.

Samples of the fruit were collected to check if this was the place where the bats arrived, in case the child was said to have eaten rambutan. This is to identify whether the Nipah virus is transmitted from bats. The central team met with the child’s parents and the next group and sought information on the child’s diet and the animals involved.

Twelve-year-old Munnur died of Nipah. The child, who was undergoing treatment for meningitis, was diagnosed with NIPA last night. Vigilance has been issued in Kozhikode, Kannur and Malappuram districts in case the virus is confirmed. A high level team led by the Health Minister is camping in Kozhikode.

The first case of Nipah virus was confirmed in the state in May 2018 at Panthirikkara in Changaroth panchayath in Kozhikode Perambra. Later the disease was confirmed outside Kozhikode and in Malappuram district. Seventeen people died of Nipah that day. In 2019, a Nipah virus was confirmed in Kochi but it was soon brought under control.


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