WorldMosque of the period of Sultan Mehmet Fatih was restored in Turkey

Mosque of the period of Sultan Mehmet Fatih was restored in Turkey

In the province of Edirne in northwestern Turkey, a mosque was restored from the period of the Ottoman Sultan Mehmet II (Fatiha), who conquered Istanbul in 1453.

The Enez Fatih Mosque, also known as the Hagia Sophia of Enez, was supposedly built in the 12th century by the Byzantines, and after the Ottoman conquest of the islands of Tashoz, Limni and Semadirek, as well as the Enez region, was converted into a mosque in 1456.

In the southeastern part of the building, a mihrab (a niche that indicates the direction of Mecca) was erected, and in the west – a minbar (a pulpit in a mosque). In addition, a stone minaret was erected.

In the 18th century, the mosque was repeatedly restored, and as a result of the 1965 earthquake it was seriously damaged.

The Turkish Islamic Foundations Authority in 2015 included the Enez Fatih Mosque in the list of cultural sites to be restored.

Work on the restoration and restoration of the mosque, located on the territory of the Enez fortress off the coast of the Aegean Sea, has continued since 2016.

The opening of the mosque, which has not functioned for 56 years, is planned before the end of this year.

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