WorldMoscow introduces partial restrictions due to coronavirus

Moscow introduces partial restrictions due to coronavirus

In Moscow, from October 28 to November 7, non-working days are established due to the high rate of spread of a new type of coronavirus infection (COVID-19).

This is stated in a statement by the mayor of the Russian capital Sergei Sobyanin, published on Thursday on his official website.

According to Sobyanin, during this period, the work of all enterprises and organizations in the sphere of trade, services, catering, sports, culture, recreation, entertainment, film screenings and others will be suspended in the city, with the exception of the sale of medicines, food and other essential goods.

The sale of goods and the provision of services remotely is not limited.

Restaurants and cafes will be able to work for take-out and delivery of ready-made meals, and the provision of public services is also suspended, Sobyanin said.

“Holidays are announced in kindergartens and schools. The work of organizations of additional education, sports schools, children’s circles and sections is suspended <...> Theaters and museums can continue to work. However, their visit will be possible only if the occupancy of the premises is no more than 50 percent, the use of QR codes and protective masks, ”the mayor continued.

It is forbidden to hold mass cultural, entertainment, sports, advertising, entertainment and other events, Sobyanin said.

From November 8, theaters and museums will continue to work with the obligatory use of QR codes, protective masks and a maximum 70 percent occupancy of the premises.

From the same date, the mandatory use of QR codes and protective masks is introduced when holding concerts, entertainment, cultural, entertainment, sports and other events with the simultaneous presence of more than 500 people.

No curfew is being imposed in the capital, but the wearing of masks remains mandatory.

In Russia, over the past day, 1,036 people have died from the consequences of COVID-19. This figure is the highest since the beginning of the spread of coronavirus in the country. Most cases were registered in Moscow – 7 897.

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