WorldMore than 200 Kovid-19 anti-vaccines detained at demonstrations in Australia

More than 200 Kovid-19 anti-vaccines detained at demonstrations in Australia

Victoria State Police Deputy Chief Ross Guenther made a statement at the press conference he held at the Melbourne Police Headquarters about the demonstrations, which started after the construction sector was stopped for two weeks and made the Covid-19 vaccine compulsory for the sector workers and entered its third day.

Guenther stated that more than 200 protesters, including those who threw materials such as golf balls, faucet handles and batteries at the police, were detained during the demonstrations.

Considering it “total disrespect” for anti-vaccine protesters to march to the Anzac Monument in Melbourne, Guenther added that they also fined 300 demonstrators who violated the current Covid-19 bans.

Veterans’ association reacted to demonstrators

Condemning the demonstrators accused of actually occupying the monument, the Australian Veterans Association (RSL) Victorian branch said in a written statement that the Anzac Memorial, built in memory of those who died while performing their patriotic duty, should under no circumstances be a place of protest.

Describing the protesters’ actions as “a disgrace to the nation”, RSL Australia President Greg Melick said those who disrespect the Anzac Memorial “must be condemned in the strongest possible terms”.

“Those who take part in this vigilante crowd not only dishonor the men and women who fought and died for our country, they shame themselves, their families, and everyone else who took part in the protest,” Melick said. said.

After it was announced that the construction sector in the Australian cities of Melbourne, Ballarat, Geelong, Surf Coast Shire and Mitchell Shire, where the fight against the Delta variant of Covid-19 continues with strict measures, will be stopped for two weeks and that the Covid-19 vaccine is mandatory for the sector employees, the anti-vaccine protesters are in Melbourne. started the performances.

A total of 262 activists were detained in the demonstrations, which started in the evening of 20 September, in front of the Union of Construction, Forestry, Maritime, Mining and Energy (CFMEU), which supported the government’s decision, and turned into violent events.

Those who oppose the mandatory Covid-19 vaccine are expected to continue their protests tomorrow.

In addition to the full closure due to the Covid-19 bans in Melbourne, a curfew is imposed from 21:00 at night to 00:05 in the morning. In the city, where demonstrations are prohibited as per the rules, 628 people were diagnosed with Covid-19 in the last 24 hours, while 3 people died.

The highest death toll from Covid-19 in Australia was seen in the state of Victoria with 836 deaths, while 316 in NSW, 13 in Tasmania, 9 in Western Australia, 7 in Queensland, 4 in South Australia, ACT 3 people died from the virus.

In Australia, where 90,391 people have been infected with the virus since January 25, 2020, 1541 people are being treated in hospitals, of which 292 out of 21,151 active cases are in intensive care.

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