WorldMoo variant of corona virus found in Colombia as infectious as delta,...

Moo variant of corona virus found in Colombia as infectious as delta, WHO warns

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The corona virus Pandemic is going to complete almost two years in the world and its threat is becoming more serious instead of decreasing. The World Health Organization has now started tracking another new Covid variant. Variant B.1.621 named Mu was first detected in January this year and till now about four thousand cases have been reported in more than 40 countries. It is a matter of concern that according to the WHO it can neutralize the vaccine and can also be more infectious.

Cases increasing in some places
The WHO says that more studies are needed to understand the severity of this variant and it has been termed ‘Variant of Interest’. The organization’s report said, ‘After being detected in Colombia in January 2021, some cases of the Mu variant have been seen and a large number of cases have also been reported in other countries including South America and Europe. Globally, its cases have decreased and are less than 0.1 percent, in Colombia and Ecuador it is increasing.

How contagious?

Along with the Delta variant, the presence of the Mu variant will be monitored. WHO has currently termed alpha, beta and gamma as worrying variants in addition to delta. Apart from Mu, ita, iota, kapa and lambda are the variants of interest. At present, there is no information about Mu being highly contagious. So far, more than 300 Covid variants have been detected.

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Mutations keep happening
One of its key mutations is E484K, which can protect it from antibodies like the beta and gamma variants. It also has the N501Y mutation that can make it contagious. It is also available in alpha variant. Mutations are happening in the corona virus due to more transmission. They are usually not harmful, but mutations that cause them to remain in the host body for a long time can be dangerous.

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Mu variant

Mu variant


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