SportsMontoro rescues Granada with a great goal

Montoro rescues Granada with a great goal

Víctor Díaz congratulates Montoro on the goal.Jesus Diges (EFE)

Few people can be found in LaLiga with more faith than the Osasuna players, but Montoro crossed them at the last minute to score a great goal from 40 meters and rescue Granada. “He has challenged me,” said the Nasrid, who accepted the challenge to tie.



Herrera, David García, Unai García, José Ángel, Nacho Vidal, Roberto Torres (Javi Martínez, min. 78), Lucas Torró, Brasanac (Juan Cruz, min. 78), Oier (Jon Moncayola, min. 66), Rubén García (Manu Sánchez, min. 78) and Chimy Ávila (Kike García, min. 66)



Luis Maximiano, Quini (Santiago Arias, min. 70), Víctor Díaz, Carlos Neva (Escudero, min. 82), Luis Abram, Machís (Montoro, min. 82), Luis Milla, Gonalons (Monchu, min. 37), Rochina, Bacca (Jorge Molina, min. 70) and Luis Suárez

Goals 1-0 min. 44: Chimy Ávila. 1-1 min. 89: Montoro.

Referee Alejandro Muñiz Ruiz

Yellow cards Nacho Vidal (min. 28), Luis Abram (min. 36), Bacca (min. 47) and Rochina (min. 49)

Red cards José Ángel (min. 73)

The red footballers are not perfect, because of those three theological virtues that they taught in catechesis to post-conciliar children, faith, hope and charity, they are generous with the first two, but weak in the third. Of charity, and not to be confused with quality, they are not left over. If they can, they don’t forgive anyone, especially outside the home, even if they did in El Sadar.

But they overflow with faith, and with vigor, that Jagoba Arrasate has them as motorcycles, and they are going to dispute each ball not as if it were the last, that for the last the strength is already weak, but as if it were the first. It is not that Granada was taken by surprise by Osasuna’s attitude, which is the usual one; Nor that he took it as an inventory, because he tried to replicate with the same weapons, but he was outmatched time and again by some men who sign up for a bombing, in the literal version of the expression, because they enjoy the balls supplied by Cote, Rubén García or Torres, or anyone who finds a corridor on the bands.

The Granada defense panicked every time a ball flew looking for Chimy Ávila, or the midfielders who were deployed towards the area, among other things, because the two teams often bypassed the midfield and had something to do to entertain themselves.

Only Rochina disturbed Herrera in the first half, in an atypical way, when the goalkeeper moved away from the area to clear his head towards the band, and Granada’s quick serve ended in a shot looking for the empty door. The goalkeeper did not chastise, as could be seen at the end, but in between, Osasuna continued with his convert faith, until almost at the edge of the pause Chimy Ávila appeared again to hunt a rebound, plant his feet firmly on the grass and shoot without any charity towards Maximiano, to score the first goal of the game.

The Navarrese remained the same during almost the entire second half, and approached dangerously over and over again, while Granada endured the downpour. Until Cote was sent off in an action in which he stopped a Luis Suárez who was looking for the goal with a grab. Nothing to object. Osasuna was equipped to endure the last 20 minutes without haste, but when the game declined and Granada did not hit, Herrera again committed the same recklessness as in the first half, and Montoro saw him out of the corner of his eye when he received the ball. His shot from 40 meters passed the goalkeeper, well ahead. It was a genius that gave a point and more life to his team. Osasuna’s faith did not fail, but the hope of equalizing the points of the Real Sociedad at the top of the table was sunk.

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