Monkey hoisted the tricolor flag, people said - never seen such a...

Monkey hoisted the tricolor flag, people said – never seen such a patriot

Never seen such a patriotic monkey

“When a kite is sacrificed on the flame of Shamma-e-Watan, there is Ganga on the lips and the tricolor is in the hands.” What a great writing by the writer. When someone listens to this poetry, then the feeling of patriotism automatically comes in him. Today we are going to show you such a picture, seeing that your love for the country will increase further. This picture is not of a human but of a monkey. It is said that monkeys imitate humans a lot. After seeing this picture, you will also say, it is really true.

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This picture is of a school. It is being shown in this picture that one where two monkeys climbing on the roof are trying to hoist a flag. Despite hoisting the flag repeatedly, the flag does not open at once, in which case the monkey himself climbs on the pole and hoists the flag. After seeing this picture, everyone has become convinced of the monkey.

After hoisting the flag, it starts raining flowers. This scene is being discussed on social media. There have also been many funny comments on this video. This great video has been shared from Instagram page named Gidda. People are liking this video very much.