Monkey fed food to the fish queen, watching the video people said-...

Monkey fed food to the fish queen, watching the video people said- Sharing is Caring

Videos of animals keep going viral on social media. It is always seen in viral videos that there is a sense of love and compassion even in animals. Sometimes animals are smarter than humans. As always, a viral video is trending on social media even today. In the viral video, it can be seen how a monkey is giving grains to the fish in the water. The fish also eats the grain out of love. Users are giving many reactions on this viral video.

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In the viral video you can see that a monkey is sitting on the bank of the pond. In his hand is a packet of grains to feed the fish. The monkey throws that grain into the water with his hands. As soon as it is thrown into the water, the fish gets deposited there and enjoys its food with pleasure. People’s heart has come on this viral video. People are giving many reactions to this.

This video has been shared by Susanta Nanda on his Twitter account @susantananda3. He has written a caption with this video. In the caption, he wrote – This is love! Really love is seen in the video.
This video has been viewed by more than 18 thousand people. At the same time, hundreds of people have commented on this.

One user has written while commenting – This is a very cute monkey. On the other hand, another user commented and wrote – Animals are better than humans.


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