IndiaMoney gone, seats gone, 'party leaders made fun of'; Bursting leader;...

Money gone, seats gone, ‘party leaders made fun of’; Bursting leader; The scenes are viral


  • BSP leader bursts into tears
  • Allegedly given the seat to someone else
  • Scenes out

Lucknow: A BSP leader who burst into tears over not getting a seat in the Assembly elections has gone viral. BJP leader Arshad Rana has said that the party had denied him a seat in the Uttar Pradesh assembly polls and that party leaders had ridiculed him for seeking the seat. He alleged that the party had promised him a seat in the election but gave it to someone else.

Video footage of him reacting emotionally has also been released. He says he has been working for the party for the last 24 years. He also said that it was decided in 2018 that he would contest from Chartawal constituency in 2022. In the meantime, the unexpected setback.

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He alleged that he was trying to contact party leaders but had not yet received a reply. He was asked to pay Rs 50 lakh to get the seat. According to ANI, Rana had alleged that he had already paid Rs 4.5 lakh. Watch the video.

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BSP chief Mayawati has said she will field Salman Saeed from the Chartawal constituency. He is the brother of former Congress leader Imran Masood. On Thursday, Mayawati tweeted that she had decided to field Noman Masood from the Gangoh constituency. Rana’s video is coming out after this. Uttar Pradesh elections are just weeks away.

“Salman Saeed, son of former UP Home Minister Syed Zaman, met the BSP president on January 12 and left the Congress to join the BSP. The party has decided to field Saeed from the Chartawal constituency.” This was Mayawati’s tweet.

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