IndiaMoment Fatima among the returnees? Those who have joined IS may...

Moment Fatima among the returnees? Those who have joined IS may come to India, caution advised


  • 25 IS terrorists likely to infiltrate.
  • The group includes Malayalees.
  • Caution at ports and airports.

New Delhi: The Central government has said that there is a possibility of people returning to India, including Malayalees who went to work for the Islamic State (IS). About 25 people are trying to infiltrate the country without the permission or consent of the government. Authorities said they were involved in NIA cases.

India holds talks with Taliban; The need to ensure the safety of Indians stranded in Afghanistan
Those who have gone to Afghanistan to work for ISIS are moving to return. Caution was advised at ports and airports in this situation. According to the intelligence report, inspections were intensified in the border areas. Authorities are taking tough action against the central government for not making clear its position on their return.

The Taliban had opened prisons and released prisoners after taking control of Afghanistan. Earlier, it was reported that some of them were IS militants. It was reported that people including Kasargod natives were released. Taliban spokesman Qari Yusuf Ahmadi said the detainees had been released after the capture of Kandahar Central Jail. In addition to IS terrorists, Al Qaeda terrorists are among them. The Associated Press reported that most of those released from prison were involved in terrorist activities, but it was not clear whether they had joined the Taliban after their release.

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It was reported that Fatima and others were released the moment a Malayalee group arrived in Afghanistan to join ISIS. They were on high alert in the border areas and ports as they could not rule out the possibility of their return to India. Intelligence thinks that they may return to India through another country. They had left the country to work for ISIS in Afghanistan and were captured by the army. It is reported that more than 20 such people have been released from jail.

Nimisha left with her husband Bexon, a native of Palakkad, in 2016 to join IS. The Afghan government has agreed to release the child while he is in prison, but India has rejected the proposal out of national security concerns. Their families are demanding that those who joined IS, including Malayalees, be repatriated and punished according to Indian law. Moment Fatima’s family had put forward the same demand.

malayalam samayamTaliban take control of Kabul airport; Aviation experts to train
Meanwhile, the Taliban has demanded the opening of an Indian embassy in Kabul. During talks in Doha, the Taliban demanded that the Indian embassy in Kabul be reopened and that India’s construction work continue. India had held talks with the Taliban. The Indian ambassador to Qatar in Doha held talks with the Taliban representative, the foreign ministry said. ANI, a news agency quoting the Ministry of External Affairs, said the issues discussed included the security of Indians stranded in Afghanistan and the fact that Afghan soil should not be used as a base for anti-India activities.

The opening of schools in the state is under consideration


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