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Moldova and Russia to sign an intergovernmental agreement in the field of energy

The governments of Moldova and Russia will sign an agreement on cooperation in the energy sector by the end of 2022. This agreement will not allow the application of sanctions to “Moldovagaz” until the audit of the debt and the establishment of the exact amount of the contract, reports Newsmaker.

Until May 1, 2022, Moldovagaz and Gazprom will sign a five-year agreement on the return of the historical debt for gas consumed by the right bank of the Dniester. Prior to the signing of the agreement, the Moldovan side will conduct an independent audit of Moldovagaz’s debt.

“The parties agreed that until the entry into force of the intergovernmental agreement, which they plan to sign by the end of 2022, no sanctions will be applied to the Moldovagaz enterprise, as this will lead to an increase in the debt for gas to Gazprom,” Spinu said.

The Minister noted that from November 1, “Moldovagaz” and “Gazprom” will extend the agreement signed in 2006, based on “mutually beneficial terms”. Moldova will receive gas at a price calculated using a mixed formula – the cost of oil and gas on the European market.

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