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Mohan Bhagwat News: ‘Our worship may be different but our motherland cannot change’, the Sangh chief said – no one is different by looking different


  • Mohan Bhagwat said- campaign is going on to defame Savarkar
  • Next target will be Dayanand, Vivekananda, Yogi Arvind: Bhagwat
  • Security policy got importance after 2014: RSS chief
  • Bhagwat said – 1962 showed how much army is needed

New Delhi
Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh chief Mohan Bhagwat said that after independence, the campaign to defame Savarkar has gone on very fast. Referring to a book, he said that those who are defaming Savarkar will be targeted by Dayanand, Vivekananda, Yogi Arvind. Because he made the first proclamation of the real nationality of India.

The Sangh chief also praised the government on the security policy. He said that earlier the security policy used to run but it used to follow the national policy. But after 2014 the security policy is ahead. He also said that 1962 has shown how much the army is needed.

Bhagwat said that this is an era to teach equal participation of duties and rights to the people of the country. Releasing a book, Bhagwat said that the nationality of India exposes the way to connect the whole world. The idea of ​​humanity itself is called religion in the sense of tradition of Indian language. Dharma means humanity, the unity of the whole world. Savarkar ji used the word Hindutva for the same.

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The Sangh chief said that our worship may be different but the motherland cannot change. The security, prestige of the one who belongs to India is associated with India itself. Referring to Savarkar and his views, he said that Hindu nationality does not discriminate on the basis of worship. Hindutva is one, will remain the same, it is eternal. He said that if everyone spoke this thing out loud before independence, then perhaps partition would not have happened.

British fought Hindus-Muslims by creating misconceptions: Mohan Bhagwat

Bhagwat said that it should have been said that do not talk of separation, do not talk of privilege. He said that the idea of ​​Hindutva is that everyone’s existence is one, looking different does not make one different. We belong to one country, it is the tradition of our country to have different worship-language.


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