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Moeen Ali Struggle Story: I could not get enough food, used to live with cucumber, now this CSK cricketer is the owner of crores

Moeen Ali IPL 2022: England’s stormy all-rounder Moeen Ali has everything today – money, name, fame, but there was a time when his family was very poor. He did not even have money to eat a full stomach. Had to survive by eating sandwiches and cucumbers. His father used to sell chickens. With the money received from him, he used to travel to play cricket the next day, but his father’s passion was to become a cricketer. It is only the insistence of making his father’s dream come true that Moeen Ali is included in the best all-rounders in the world.

I get goosebumps just thinking
Chennai Super Kings all-rounder Moeen Ali has revealed about the struggles in his cricketing journey. He said that the mere thought of the difficult conditions in which he started playing, gives him goosebumps today. Moeen was instrumental in securing their fourth title in the UAE in the IPL 2021 season with CSK. The team has retained him for Rs 8 crore.

father had passion for cricket
Moeen talks openly about her struggles. He said how determination and passion for the sport helped him overcome the odds. He revealed that his family didn’t even have a pound, forcing him to survive on sandwiches or cucumbers. The 34-year-old all-rounder said, ‘My father had a huge passion for cricket. He also had twin brothers. We were five in the family. I just remember when I was eight years old. Then I started playing with my brothers in the park and I felt they were getting better too. So, when I was 19 years old, I gave a trial and then I played hard ball cricket with someone for the first time.

food was hard to find
Moin said, ‘It was the beginning, when I started playing county cricket at a very early age and at the same time was doing well loving the game, but cricket was my dad’s passion and we just went on playing it .’ Moeen said that his father had a hard time taking his job and taking the kids to county games, adding that sometimes he couldn’t afford petrol and sometimes food. The IPL 2022 season has come to a premature end for the Mahendra Singh Dhoni-led side.

Father used to sell chickens, he used to get money to travel
Moin says, ‘It was not only my father and uncle in my struggle. My mother and aunt also helped in preparing the clothes, so that everything would be done on time. It was a very tough time, but it was the best of times for us.’ He added, ‘It was one of the many stories where financially we were really struggling. My uncle and dad used to sell chickens for the next match. I didn’t even have my own pads at one time. I used to use my father’s friend’s son’s pad for practice. So, there were very tough but amazing days. I became a professional player very quickly and things kept getting better and better.

Father’s promise changed the fate
Moeen rose quickly on the cricket field, first starting out as a seam-bowling all-rounder to become an off-spin bowler at the insistence of a coach, who also had a problem with his back. He further said, ‘It was normal for me to play every day. I didn’t know what it was like to be a professional. I thought it would be playing every day in life and my dad said, from 13 to 15 you give two years to your cricket. After school, we used to train and we used to go outside to play in the park. He further said, ‘We used to live in very difficult conditions, because where we used to live, there used to be fights and fights every day. But I just wanted to play cricket and kept on taking that forward.