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Modi In US: Opposition to agricultural laws, protests by Indians during Modi’s visit to the US

Own report: Protests during Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to the United States. Dozens of Indians living in the United States (US) protested. According to Al Jazeera, they have staged several protests, including a new agricultural law, deteriorating law and order in Kashmir, and attacks on minorities.

Protesters crowded Lafayette Square Park in front of the White House. They had a “Save India from fascism” poster in their hands. There were anti-Modi slogans on his face. They allege that the law and order situation in Kashmir has deteriorated since Modi became the Prime Minister of India in 2014. Minorities in India are insecure. Three agricultural laws are anti-farmer. They claim that religious polarization has increased in the country since the BJP came to power in India. Minorities, especially Muslims, are being hated.

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At the White House, Prime Minister Narendra Modi met with Vice President Kamala Harris. According to sources, in the meeting with the Prime Minister, the US Vice-President discussed Pakistan’s role in terrorism on his own initiative. Foreign Secretary Harsh Vardhan Shringla was quoted by PTI as saying that Kamala Harris had pronounced Pakistan’s name on her own during talks with PM Narendra Modi on terrorism. He made it clear that there are several militant groups operating in Pakistan. The top US administrator of Indian descent added that he had already talked to Islamabad about controlling terrorism. He advised that Pak land should not become a haven for militants. The Prime Minister will also meet US President Joe Biden. According to sources, the two leaders will discuss global climate, Afghanistan, terrorism and other issues. He will also address the UN General Assembly in New York.


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