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Modi has nothing to hide? Who paid? Subramanian Swamy says write letter to Israeli PM

New Delhi: BJP leader and Rajya Sabha MP Subramanian Swamy has challenged Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the Pegasus phone leak controversy. Subramanian Swamy also demanded that if Modi does not hide something, he should write a letter to the Israeli Prime Minister. Subramanian Swamy’s demand comes as the opposition prepares for an indefinite protest following reports accusing the central government.

Phone information of 300 people was reported leaked

It is alleged that the phones of more than 300 people, including political leaders, journalists and senior officials, were leaked using spy software developed by an Israeli company. The software will only be sold to governments, according to a report by a global media outlet. The list includes former Congress president Rahul Gandhi and political strategist Prashant Kishore.

Denial Center

Meanwhile, the central government has denied allegations by the opposition in the phone leak controversy and the findings of the report. The central government is of the view that the privacy of the people of the country is important. But the central government has not responded to the opposition’s demand for a high-level inquiry into the incident. The House was engulfed in controversy for the first two days of the monsoon session of Parliament over the Pegasus controversy. The response from the IT ministry was that the government had nothing to hide.

Who paid the company?

After this, Subramanian Swamy came on the scene with criticism against the Central Government. “If we have nothing to hide, Prime Minister Modi should write a letter to the Prime Minister of Israel and find out the truth,” Swamy said on Twitter. Subramanian Swamy also demanded an inquiry into the actions of the Israeli company NSO and who paid for the phone theft. Subramanian Swamy’s response came after two Union ministers and VHP leader Praveen Togadia were included in the list.

World leaders on the list

Meanwhile, Amnesty International reports that users of Pegasus software have targeted world leaders. The list includes 14 world leaders, including French President Emmanuel Macro. But NGO, the makers of the Pegasus, claims that the company has nothing to do with the list released by various media outlets. They also explained that the company does not know what numbers their customers are tracking.

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