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Modern Turkey is an example of a successful way out of crisis situations

At a time when many countries are facing serious problems amid the coronavirus pandemic, the volume of investments in Turkey is growing. Modern Turkey is an example of a successful way out of crisis situations.

This was stated by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Monday at the opening of 26 production facilities in Ankara province.

The head of state thanked local and foreign investors who trust Turkey and its future.

“Contrary to the negative scenarios that certain circles promise Turkey, our country continues active economic growth, including in the field of agriculture and trade. In the first quarter of 2021, Turkey’s GDP growth was 7%. Serious growth is forecast in the second quarter of the year. Turkey, on the one hand, is breaking the shackles that they once put on it, on the other hand, it is improving its position at the world level, in particular in the sphere of production and export, ”the President stressed.

The Turkish leader called the manufacturing plants, which opened on Monday, the best response to those spreading pessimism among the masses amid the pandemic.

Erdogan noted that due to the balance of demand, production and export, the Turkish economy strengthens its position in the international market.

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The President also called on entrepreneurs to fully respect environmental requirements. “The result of any step that destroys the ecosystem will lead the country to a natural disaster. Therefore, I consider it important to provide a framework for acceptable growth rates in each area of ​​the economy, ”the head of state said.

President Erdogan expressed his hope that the main indicators of Turkey’s economic growth will exceed expectations in 2021.

“Turkey needs a total mobilization of efforts, especially in industry and technology, in order to achieve the goals for the periods up to 2023, 2053 and 2071,” the president added.

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