TechnologyMobile, sense and sensitivity on vacation

Mobile, sense and sensitivity on vacation

With the right tools and applications, your smartphone can become a compass, a magnetometer to search for metals, and a telescope to identify stars or locate the International Space Station. Adventure and romance are also in the DNA of this device.

On the practical side, it groups together in a single device most of the actions we need to carry out on our trips: from replacing printed tickets with digital ones always at hand to consulting maps and plotting routes so as not to get lost in the city or on the road. Many travelers use it en route to get cheap hotel rooms, to check the status of flights, make restaurant reservations or, increasingly, check their letters via a QR code.

The history of the ‘smartphone’ is short, it does not reach 14 years, but so intense that it has made us forget the past and, in just a decade and a half, it has revolutionized photography and video

But perhaps the greatest magic of the smartphone is delivering professional-quality photo and video images in a handheld device. That of any past time was better is not always true. You only need to review the photos from two decades ago to remember that there was a time when we visited cities and natural landscapes with a camera around our necks. Because the history of smartphone It is short, it does not last 14 years, but so intense that it has made us forget that past, in just a decade and a half it has revolutionized photography and video.

The holidays, that moment that we long for months, should leave a memory to match. The images have become part of the journey. Sharing the emotions and beauty of each place in a universal way and in real time is a privilege of the 21st century that has caused a profound transformation in all generations: grandparents see their grandchildren remotely, and these, in turn, maintain close ties with their communities despite the distance.

The photographs and videos that we can achieve with smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy S21, they capture the smallest details and change the viewing experience when viewing them thanks to their immersive screen. Its ultra-high resolution camera allows you to cut images in detail thanks to its new 108MP sensor, preserving clearer images and with greater fidelity to real colors, in 64MP photographs.

On the other hand, its new Dual Zoom system is capable of capturing sharper images up to a range of 100x, and the zoom lock function helps to control it more quickly.

The Galaxy S21’s automatic processing is capable of illuminating night scenes and displaying them in vivid colors

Capturing surprising images is also one of the possibilities offered by the Samsung Galaxy S21, for example in low light situations. Its automatic processing is capable of illuminating night scenes and displaying them in vivid colors, helping to improve details and reduce noise in our photographs. We can even choose frames and control the shots in the double recording function, creating content with innovative points of view, achieving professional results thanks to the 8K video recording quality.

The quality of images that the Samsung Galaxy S21 achieves also allows us to know places in our geography in detail. That is the purpose of the platform The Hidden Country, a Samsung Technology with Purpose project, in which anyone can participate, discovering places around the country that we should visit and demonstrating that it is not necessary to travel to the other end of the planet to see places of great beauty. A way to value the closest corners and encourage local tourism in which it is possible to participate until August 2 and win a Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G.