IndiaMK Muneer criticizes terrorists; Pro-Taliban critics

MK Muneer criticizes terrorists; Pro-Taliban critics


  • Taliban supporters react sharply
  • Allegedly trying to belittle Islam
  • Muneer said the Taliban were dangerous

Kochi: Taliban supporters have slammed Muslim League leader MK Muneer’s post on Facebook for sharing the plight of the Afghan people following the Taliban’s takeover of the country. The protest was against a note shared by Muneer stating that the Taliban were inhumane and united with the Afghan people.

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“You have not missed any opportunity in the recent past to belittle Islam. You must leave the leadership of the Muslim League and join any religiously hostile party.” That was the response of a Taliban supporter, CT Bashir. There are many such reactions in the comment box.

Muneer wrote on Facebook, “The Afghan people have gone through a very serious crisis and now the Taliban are on the brink of disaster again.
The Taliban is a reactionary politics of discrimination, extremist fundamentalism and discrimination that does not respect human rights. All ideologies put forward by such radical anti-human and anti-feminist politics in the name of caste, religion and essence are dangerous and a hindrance to the free life of the people.

The Taliban are inhumane at any level of faith. To be opposed. How do we address people fleeing and carrying their lives ..? They are running for their lives for fear of the Taliban. Imagine ourselves in their place. The Taliban have killed thousands of civilians in the past month. The Taliban have created a situation in Afghanistan where women are abducted, women are not allowed to go to school and work is not allowed.

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The world saw the Taliban, the birthplace of imperialist interests, later become a menace to the Afghan people. Such methods of violence should not be encouraged anywhere. The violent ideology of discrimination that the Taliban represents is by no means acceptable. There is no question of reconciling with a fascist racism that divides people. Islam is an ideology that opposes any extremism. Who can say that every group that works against it is not anti-religious and anti-human!
Uniting with the Afghan people. Let the world come forward to restore democracy there. ”

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