WorldMiser will meet art lovers at the Outdoor Summer Games

Miser will meet art lovers at the Outdoor Summer Games

According to the statement made by DT, the project, which was implemented to benefit from artistic activities in the summer during the coronavirus (Covid-19) epidemic, opened its curtains on Thursday, June 3 and the plays staged by the State Theaters attracted great interest from art lovers.

This week, “Cimri” staged by Ankara State Theater will open its curtains at Macunköy Campus.

Written by Jean-Baptiste Poquelin Moliere, translated by Sabahattin Eyüboğlu and directed by Işıl Kasapoğlu, the play tells the experiences of Harpagon, a character who withholds his wealth from everyone but also has a sympathetic side and played by Mustafa Kurt, General Manager of State Theatres.

The play, whose decor design is Hakan Dündar, costume designer Funda Karasaç, music by Kemal Günç and lighting designer Osman Uzgören, can be watched outdoors at 21.00 on August 19, 20 and 21 at Macunköy Campus.

Following the Ankara State Theatre, Bursa State Theater will meet with theatergoers in Ankara as part of the Open Air Summer Games with the play “Landbird Juliet” on August 26, 27 and 28.

The Outdoor Summer Games will continue to bring together many works of art with art lovers until the last week of September.

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