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Minister Varank: Turkey’s car, I hope by the end of 2022 will come off the mass production line

Industry and Technology Minister Mustafa Varankmet with the youth in the “Let’s Talk Net” program organized by the AK Party Information and Communication Technologies Presidency at the Tantavi Cultural Center, moderated by AK Party Ankara Deputy Zeynep Yıldız and attended by AK Party Deputy Chairman Ömer İleri.

Stating that he participated in intensive programs and openings in Konya throughout the day, Varank said that he was happy to meet with young people.

When asked what kind of support is given to legal persons or companies that want to invest, Varank said that they are making great efforts to make Turkey a country that not only uses technology, but also develops, produces and exports.

Stating that the R&D of products that have never been produced in Turkey before was carried out with TÜBİTAK, Varank said, “I can give dozens of examples like this. If you are wondering what support our government gives to companies that want to do production and R&D,” “You can follow the support and incentives provided by all public institutions in Turkey on the website. I recommend adding this address to your favourites.” he said.

Varank noted that in response to the technology moves of developed countries, Turkey responded with the National Technology Move.

Explaining how to become a self-sufficient country that not only uses technology, but also develops, produces and exports with this strategy, Varank emphasized that the most important job in this context is to invest in people.

Varank emphasized the necessity of investing in human resources in order to be competitive in the world and to compete in technology and industry.

Explaining that they provide very different technology trainings to young people and children, Varank stated that they are preparing students for the technologies of the future by organizing science competitions with TÜBİTAK.

Pointing out that young entrepreneurs can establish companies worth billions of dollars, Varank said, “By investing in our youth, we will compete with strong countries in the future, we are already competing with them, but if we call Turkey the world’s top 10 economies in the same league, we wholeheartedly believe that we will enter these 10 economies. If the world is talking about the unmanned aerial vehicles produced by Turkey at the moment, I hope the world will continue to talk about all the work we do in other fields, thanks to young people like you.” used the phrases.

“TOGG will be launched in the first quarter of 2023”

When a student asked the date that TOGG will be off the tape, Varank expressed his satisfaction that Turkey’s car was so excited.

Stating that everyone has been asking questions about when this vehicle will be released since the first introduction of TOGG, Varank said:

“I hope Turkey’s automobile will come off the mass production line by the end of 2022. The construction of the factory continues. Machine orders have been made. The prototypes of the car have started to enter the tests. The vehicles that come off the mass production line at the end of 2022 will be put on the market in the first quarter of 2023. Turkey’s automobile project is actually Turkey’s answer to the changing automotive industry. When we first announced the vehicle, it would be electric from birth, have some autonomous features, and at the same time, since we own the intellectual property rights, this vehicle is actually a technology. We said that we should see it as a platform, that we can integrate the technologies developed by ‘startups’ into this vehicle. People were saying it’s earlier for electric vehicles. At the point we’ve come to, companies that have been producing cars for a hundred years are worried about how we will catch up with this electric vehicle revolution.

We actually invested in the right technology at the right time. Here is the key to success. When you invest in the right technology at the right time, there’s no reason not to win.”

Pointing out that they will focus on themselves, Varank said, “If the other person is lying, we will never falter and we will not take a step back. We will respond to them, but we will focus on ourselves. We will do politics like that. We will make sure that there is no other political movement that thinks about what project we can bring to this country, except the People’s Alliance.” not available either.” he said.

“The opposition’s election promise is to re-election”

Varank said the opposition dreams of a “strengthened parliamentary system”.

“Do you know what the election promise of these parties is?” Asking Varank, he concluded his words as follows:

“Re-election. In 2023, if they win the election, there will be local elections in 2024. What should they do to bring the parliamentary system? They need to change the Constitution. They have to make an election to change the Constitution. After making that election, they have to hold a parliamentary election. After making that election, they have to hold a Presidential election in the Parliament again. The promise of the opposition is to hold elections again in the next 4-5 years of the country. Can such an election be a promise? You put forward your plan, your project, the point you want to move the country to, and you make politics accordingly. So we will be sure of ourselves.

Thanks to the leadership of our President, we achieved what no government in the Republic of Turkey could do in this country. This is true not only in terms of development, but also in terms of democratization and freedoms. Hopefully, we will continue to work diligently.”

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