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Minister of National Defense Akar: TAF will have a management center suitable for the needs of the day with the Joint Headquarters

Hulusi Akar, Minister of National DefenseAt the “Ministry of National Defense Crescent Moon and Yıldız Campus Groundbreaking Ceremony” attended by President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, he stated that the month of August, full of victories, has a special place in history.

Noting that today, on the one hand, they are proud to celebrate the victory of August 30, on the other hand, they are excited to launch another project worthy of the spirit of this month of victory by laying the foundation of the Crescent and Yildiz Joint Headquarters, Akar expressed his wishes for the “amazing facility” to be built to be auspicious and auspicious.

Stating that there are important and critical developments in almost every field in the region and in the world, Akar said, “Turkey, which has become a subject in international relations and whose sphere of influence and interest is expanding day by day, closely follows all risks, threats and developments, and takes its own initiatives. In this context, the TAF also takes all kinds of risks and threats, especially terrorist organizations such as FETO, PKK/YPG and DAESH, in the north of Iraq and Syria, in our blue homeland, including Cyprus, for the security of our country and our 84 million citizens. It continues its struggle with determination and determination at home and beyond the borders against danger and danger. used the phrase.

In addition, the TAF contributes to world and regional peace in Azerbaijan, Libya, Qatar, Somalia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo and many other geographies within the scope of bilateral relations with NATO, UN, EU and OSCE missions. Stating that he provided support to friendly and brotherly countries in their just cause, Akar said:

“Mehmetçik has achieved historical successes by successfully performing his duties in Afghanistan, in accordance with our national, moral and professional values, as in all geographies where he has served so far, and returned to his country safely by winning the hearts of the Afghan people. In order to increase the quality and quantity of the military, many reform-like innovations and practices have been implemented, from personnel procurement and training to the defense industry, from the new military system to the organizational and logistics structure.

In addition, we have completed our advanced technology facilities such as the A400M maintenance center, while we continue our efforts to maximize our border security with walls, trenches, wire fences, day and night vision devices, fortress and base areas, and reinforcements in order to protect our borders with the awareness of “border is honor”. We continue to work to take the TAF to a higher level.”

Effective, fast coordination

Describing the Ay Yıldız Joint Headquarters, whose foundation will be laid, as an important part of these efforts, Akar said, “The need for a new facility has arisen because the construction technology of the period in which our existing headquarters buildings were built has completed their economic life, and because they are scattered throughout the city. The increase in the scope of duty and activity of the TAF in this period when we are fighting and fighting has made the need for such a well-equipped and unified headquarters a necessity.” he said.

Drawing attention to the importance of effective management of time and resources in today’s world where events and situations change rapidly, Akar continued as follows:

“With the Ministry of National Defense, General Staff and Force Commands to be located in the same facility, effective and fast coordination will be ensured on the one hand, and on the other hand, our resources will be used more efficiently by saving time, energy and workforce. TAF, one of the leading armies of the world, will have a management center suitable for the needs of the day with this new Joint Headquarters.As with all works of art, architectural works are nourished by the life, cultural characteristics and history of the society that built it, and reflect the spirit of the civilization it is in. The Ay Yıldız Joint Headquarters Project, which is planned to be completed in 2018, also bears an architectural identity that reflects the modern, dynamic and strong structure of our country and our Armed Forces.”

Features of the new headquarters building

Referring to the features of the new headquarters building, Akar said, “Our new headquarters has been designed using all the possibilities of construction technology, from its concrete structure to cyber security measures, from ballistic attacks to CBRN threats. In addition, our headquarters buildings, which will be built with ergonomic principles, have environmentally friendly and smart qualities, have a design, originality and size. And with its technological features, it will take its place among the most modern and functional headquarters in the world, and in this respect, it will set an exemplary model.” made the statement.

Expressing his gratitude to President Erdoğan for his support, encouragement and patronage in the construction of the facility, Akar thanked those who contributed to the project and concluded his words as follows:

“I respectfully commemorate all of our state leaders and commanders, from Sultan Alparslan to Gazi Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, who helped us reach these days and levels in this land that has been our homeland for a thousand years. Once again, we commemorate our saintly martyrs and heroic veterans who have passed into eternity with mercy and gratitude. “I would like to express my respect and gratitude to our hero veterans who are still alive, and to the precious families of our martyrs and veterans. I wish the Crescent and Star Project, where we performed the groundbreaking ceremony, to be beneficial once again, I celebrate the August 30 Victory Day and the Armed Forces Day; I greet you once again with respect.”

General Yaşar Güler, Chief of the General Staff

Chief of General Staff General Yaşar Güler also mentioned that they felt justified pride and excitement to witness the groundbreaking ceremony of the “Joint Headquarters Project”, also known as the “Moon and Star Project”, on the 99th anniversary of the independence struggle that ended with an absolute victory on August 30, 1922.

Stating that the TAF, the epitome of courage and heroism, wrote an epic in the War of Independence against the enemy who tried to invade the holy homeland and wipe the nation from the stage of history, General Güler said, “The TAF continues today with the Claw operations, especially Claw-Şimşek and Claw-Lightning, the Euphrates Shield, He continues to write epics by running to martyrdom in the Olive Branch, Peace Spring and Spring Shield operations.” shared his opinion.

“Modern and smart building concept”

Pointing out that Turkey, which is at the crossroads of civilizations, has been located in a geography that has included uncertainty, risks and threats throughout history, Güler said that the protection of national interests is an effective, deterrent, effective and deterrent force that can use modern methods with its highly trained personnel equipped with modern and domestic systems as much as possible. stressed that it is possible with a respectable armed forces.

General Yaşar Güler said:

In this context, with the completion of the Joint Headquarters Project, the TAF will have new environmentally friendly headquarters buildings designed with a modern and smart building concept that can meet the demands and needs of the 21st century. As the unshakable guardian of the security of our lands, our blue homeland and our airspace, we will continue to be at the disposal of our noble nation, with the understanding of “martyr if we die, veteran if we remain.”

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