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Minister Kasapoğlu, on Ülke TV’s ‘7. Participated in the ‘Giants of Sports Meet’ award ceremony

In the organization held in a hotel in the capital Ankara, the successful year national athletesAwards were presented to the athletes and sportsmen.

Speaking at the award ceremony, Minister of Youth and Sports Mehmet Muharrem KasapogluStating that sports contain many beautiful messages that lead to brotherhood, love, unity and solidarity, he said, “I would like to congratulate all our athletes, their very valuable trainers, their valuable families who are always with them, who work with faith, determination, effort and determination in every branch of sports. I want.” used his statements.

Noting that sports is a long and grueling road that requires patience and devotion, Kasapoğlu said, “Today, we are together to honor our athletes, we are together on the occasion of respect for effort, effort and sweat. I would like to express my gratitude to Mr. Ömer Önder for his effort in the continuation of the sports program, on the occasion of his broadcasting understanding that reveals that it is not just a branch, but also with all his broadcasts.” he said.

Minister Kasapoğlu said, “In the last 19 years, our country has taken a very important step in sports as well as in every field, with the important efforts, great contributions and strong leadership of our President. In branches that did not even have athletes yesterday, today we have athletes singing the strong message of our National Anthem and waving our flag. ” made its assessment.

Noting that the athletes and youth in Turkey set an example to the whole world with their beliefs, Kasapoğlu continued as follows:

“Tomorrow will be places where Turkey will raise the bar higher in sports as in every field. The distance we have come in 19 years, our facility infrastructure reveals an important revolution with its football, basketball, halls, pools, courts and district fields. We have valuable deputies representing different provinces. We have realized an infrastructure revolution that challenges the whole world in 81 provinces. The quality, capacity and competitive advantage of the stadiums are accepted by the whole world. We carry success in every branch to higher levels day by day. We believe that the Olympic and Paralympic I hope all our athletes will crown great success with their efforts in the games. We trust our athletes and our youth. The athletes and youth of Turkey are the hope of not only Turkey but also our heartland and humanity.”

Mehmet Muharrem Kasapoğlu stated that they will continue to mobilize all the opportunities for the athletes and youth without any obstacles and said, “Our country has managed the pandemic very strongly. We have turned the pandemic into an opportunity in sports as well. Our successes in swimming in recent years, our success in gymnastics are the best proof of the momentum gained.” commented.

“We will reach the success bar that our country deserves in the strongest possible way”

“Our goal is big, we are the sons of big goals.” Minister Kasapoğlu said:

“Our athletes are also athletes all over the world who have put their claim to the highest point in each branch. That’s why our project of directing them to sports through talent screening; a project that we attach great importance to as the Ministry; with the project of discovering our talents personally and preparing them for the future, without leaving the job to chance, it has exceeded 1 million 200 thousand people. We have carried out the talent screening of our child, and we will carry these goals to different points. We, as the whole sports family, together with all those who give their heart to sports, together with all public institutions, non-governmental organizations, and our people, I hope that the success bar that our country deserves will be the strongest in every branch from football to chess to handball. We’re going to get it that way, we believe in that.”

Mehmet Muharrem Kasapoğlu, “Here I congratulate our athletes, especially our paralympic athletes, who are among you today. Hopefully, with their efforts and prayers, our country will be represented in the best way at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympic Games. I sincerely congratulate all our award-winning athletes.” used his statements.

Grand National Assembly of Turkey Administrative Chief Alpay Özalan congratulated the award-winning athletes in his speech.

Drawing attention to the successful point that sports and athletes have reached in Turkey, Özalan noted that the Speaker of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey Mustafa Şentop, who could not attend the program due to his busy schedule, also brought his greetings.

“Achievement and outstanding courage” award to Atakan Çelik, Deputy Editor of AA Parliament News

After the speeches in the program, awards were presented to the athletes and sportsmen.

Minister Kasapoğlu presented the “Local Manager of the Year Supporting Sports” award to Mardin Kızıltepe District Governor and Mayor Hüseyin Çam, and the “Athlete of the Year” award to the Para-Athletics Special Athletes National Team and Rhythmic Gymnastics Group National Team.

Mustafa Destici, Chairman of the Great Unity Party, gave the special award to the Turkish Visually Impaired Sports Federation and the Men’s Goalball Visually Impaired National Team.

The following are the winners of the “Athlete of the Year” award:

“National wrestler Soner Demirtaş, national boxer Busenaz Sürmeneli and Buse Naz Çakıroğlu, national swimmer Emre Sakçı, national chess player Gülenay Aydın, national hammer player Eşref Apak, national judo player Bilal Çiloğlu, national taekwondo player Hatice Kübra İlgün, national karate player Meltem Hocaoğlu Akyol.”

National fencer Nisanur Erbil and national badminton player Büşra Ünlü were deemed worthy of special awards.

Anadolu Agency (AA) Parliamentary News Deputy Editor Atakan Çelik was presented with the “Achievement and Outstanding Courage” award for passing the first news from the Turkish Grand National Assembly on the night of the July 15 coup attempt and for his successful news.

TRT Spor Yıldız was deemed worthy of the sports channel of the year award.

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