WorldMiniature artifacts are meticulously cleaned in Kepez Open Air Museum

Miniature artifacts are meticulously cleaned in Kepez Open Air Museum

Kepez Municipalitydiscontinued operations in 2003 Antalya Yarn and Cotton Weaving Factory As a result of the studies, various museums and activity areas were designed and brought to the city in 2015.

The miniatures of 84 historical and cultural artifacts in various provinces of Turkey in the open-air museum created in the area welcome its visitors.

Maintenance and cleaning works in the area where the miniatures of many works from the Gök Madrasa in Sivas to the Hagia Sophia-i Kebir Mosque-i Şerif in Istanbul, from the Yivli Minaret, the symbol of Antalya, to the Anıtkabir, the eternal resting place of the Great Leader Atatürk It creates interesting images.

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Citizens can also watch the moments when officials sometimes wipe the dome of Hagia Sophia Mosque with a cloth, and sometimes sweep Anıtkabir’s famous Aslanlı Yolu with a brush, on their mobile phones.

The moments when the cleaner is reflected in the lens, sometimes in the same dimensions as a minaret and sometimes a dome or bridges, create colorful images.

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“Delicate artifacts are meticulously cleaned”

Kepez Municipality Culture and Social Affairs Manager Bora Gürdere told Anadolu Agency (AA) that the miniatures of 84 works, which are reduced by 1/25 of their realities, are exhibited in the open-air museum located in the Dokumapark area.

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Stating that the symbolic structures in various regions of Turkey can be seen together, Gürdere said that those who visit the area have the opportunity to closely examine many symbolic works from the Hagia Sophia to the Anıtkabir.

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Stating that interesting images emerge during the works carried out once, sometimes twice a week, Gürdere said, “Delicate artifacts are meticulously cleaned. The works also arouse curiosity in our citizens. It is interesting that there is a person who looks the same size next to the minaret. This situation is reflected very differently, especially in photographs. They And they photograph these moments especially,” he said.

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