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MHP Chairman Bahçeli: Life will be a prison for us without solving the problem of violence against women

MHP Chairman Devlet Bahceli, held at the ATO Congresium by the Deputy Chairman of the Party for Family, Women and Disabled People, “Turkey’s Noble Power Mothers-Sisters CongressHe said that the secret of the existence of the Turks in Anatolia is hidden in the honorable struggle of the Turkish women.

Stating that mothers are the glory of patience, tolerance, compassion, self-sacrifice and resistance to evil, Bahçeli said:

“May Allah not give anyone the pain of a child or give him such a test. Wherever there is a martyr, there is a mother who screams. Where there is a bloody uniform, there is a mother who takes it on her face and clings to her child’s body and stays like that. There is a mother who covers her baby with earth when the day comes. “I wish, once again, I express very firmly that their mothers are our mothers. Motherhood does not have an ideology, political affiliation, ethnic origin, region or country, and it cannot be handled as such. In this way, the identity of the tears flowing should not be questioned.”

“HDP equals PKK, YPG, PYD”

MHP Chairman Bahçeli stated that a group of mothers in Diyarbakır started vigil to pick up their children who were kidnapped from HDP to the mountains and taken to terror camps by force.

“This state of resistance and action spread and spread in waves to Izmir, Van, Hakkari, Şırnak, Muş and even Germany. The mother’s breath is on the back of the bloody organization PKK’s neck. HDP is the intermediate stop of the terrorist recruiting mechanism. HDP is the PKK’s supply organ, the first link in the terrorist referral chain. He is sent to the camps and cave holes of the HDP. Whoever enters through the front door of HDP, comes out armed from behind, wearing terrorist camouflage. In this respect, HDP equals PKK, YPG, PYD, inspired by this, a political organization of terrorism. No one mocks our minds. It is the separatist kebabs who condemn their supporters to death fasts on the one hand and gorge on kebab on the other. Supporting the HDP is supporting the PKK. Partnering with the HDP is a partnership with the PKK. Seeing the HDP as legitimate is cruelty to mothers. It is an insult to mothers, disrespectful to sisters, treason to our martyrs and veterans.”

Stating that “the closure of HDP will sprinkle water on the hearts of mothers,” Bahçeli said, “The closure of HDP will give hope to mothers and give them a deep breath. The PKK’s leg, called HDP, must be broken so that the blood of the fallen martyrs does not remain on the ground. “These are child smugglers. They are drug smugglers. They are enemies of the state and the nation. If there is HDP/PKK, children and youth are not safe. If there is HDP/PKK, our national future, economy, social peace, and social peace are deprived of security.” said.

“PKK is the enemy of the nation and humanity”

Stating that the US administration should make a decision on whether it is allied with terrorist organizations or with Turkey, Bahçeli said:

“Is the USA a strategic partner of the PKK/YPG/PYD? Or is it Turkey’s strategic partner? Is the US administration a friend or an enemy? Giving arms to terrorist organizations, giving money, providing education support, is a crime if we say it within the framework of international law, human values It is an embarrassing disgrace on behalf of the United States. The United States was withdrawing from Syria, leaving behind nearly 900 soldiers. All of these are lies, all of them are fabrications, they are all baseless. Why will the United States keep its own country’s soldiers in Syria after creating a so-called ground force from terrorist organizations? There are terrorists who carry the weapons of the USA. There are terrorists who make treacherous plans under the flag of the USA. The murderers who serve the aims and objectives of the USA are already present in the adjacent regions of our borders. It is a disgrace to attract soldiers. You will say, ‘I am drawing soldiers,’ and Syria’ You will see Turkey as a threat to your interests and ensure the continuation of the previously declared national emergency.”

Bahceli called on those who are under the attack of terror barons, on the mountain or elsewhere, to get rid of the separatist organization PKK as soon as possible and embrace their mothers, saying, “Don’t be the toy of the oppressors. Stay away from being a partner in treason. Your mothers are waiting for you with open arms, the milk you drink is waiting for you. “For the sake of your sake, leave the disgrace, go back to your home, your home, your loved ones. The PKK is an enemy of both Turks and Kurds. In short, the PKK is the enemy of the nation, the enemy of humanity, it is the blood of all living creatures. Come save yourselves from the enemy. Instead of falling to the ground with a bullet, fall into the lap of your mothers.” he said.

“To raise a hand on an innocent woman is a disgrace”

Bahceli pointed out that violence against women is automatic and that attacks and demonstrations of brute force are getting out of control.

“Psychopaths, murderous spirits, monsters with bloody hands, crazy maniacs murder women, young girls and children without saying anything. Look at the devastating picture, 527 women were murdered in 2020. About 100 women were murdered in the nine months of this year. If violence against women increases, If women’s right to life and existence are threatened for different purposes and reasons, it is futile to claim to be civilized and to rise to the level of civilization. To raise a hand on an innocent woman, to end her life is of course barbarism, of course, baseness, of course, murder. Islam is a religion of morality, compassion, tolerance and conscience. Islam is sincerity, self-sacrifice, fairness, justice. We believed in this, we based our spirituality on this belief. It has meant all people who killed an innocent life. It is the clear command of Almighty Allah that whoever kills a person deliberately, his punishment will be eternal hell. We knew this, we believed it. To attack a defenseless person in Turkish customs, to mean an oppressed soul in Turkish history, to be despicable. and it is an unforgivable crime and a state of humiliation. We cannot stand by and watch the murder of women. We cannot be insensitive to the cries of women. A woman is a mother, a sister, and she will come. Whatever the reason may be, life is a prison for us before the problem of violence against women is resolved, the outstretched wild hands are not broken, and more importantly, the psychological and sociological factors that contribute to violence are not blunted.”

“Our congress is a tremendous step in terms of awareness”

MHP Leader Devlet Bahceli stated that democratic and human development cannot be achieved in the full sense until violence against women ends, and sustainable economic development and leap cannot be achieved, and continued as follows:

“We cannot deem it right to speak about human values ​​until femicides are stopped. We must stop the bloodshed and rehabilitate and treat the social, economic and psychological dilemmas that lead to violence and murders. Otherwise, the increase in the dosage of violence against women will lead to God’s protection, social peace, security and balance. Turkey’s future is closely tied to the constructive role of our mothers and sisters, the valuable work they will do and their unique sacrifices. As a party, we always stand by our women, defending the rights and laws of our mothers and sisters under all circumstances. “We will continue to protect and defend. We will do whatever our responsibility requires with faith and patience in solving the existing problems of Turkish women. Our Mothers-Sisters Congress is a threshold in this context, it is a tremendous step in terms of awareness.”

MHP’s Deputy Chairperson for Family, Women and Disabled Pelin Yılık gave the opening speech of the Congress, and Turgay Başyayla and Mustafa Yıldızdoğan gave concerts separately.

After the program, Deputy Chairman Yılık presented Bahçeli with a hand-woven carpet and an embroidered wire-cut painting.

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