SportsFootballMessi's Balandior will be challenged if Italy become Euro champions!

Messi’s Balandior will be challenged if Italy become Euro champions!


  • Messi is the top scorer in the Spanish La Liga
  • Messi also won the Copa America Golden Boot
  • Jorge Gino shines in the midfield for Chelsea and Italy

With Argentina lifting the Copa America, Messi’s name has resurfaced in the Ballon d’Or debate for world football. Messi, the tournament’s top scorer with four goals, continues to shine with five assists. Is Messi unbeaten in his dream of becoming the seventh Balon d’Or? Football experts predict that Messi will overtake Cristiano Ronaldo, Robert Lewandowski, Ngolo Kante and Harry Kane. However, if Italy wins the Euro, it will be a big challenge for midfielder Jorgenho Messi!

Jorge Gino played alongside Ngolo Kante in helping Chelsea win the Champions League. Although he has not scored or assisted like Messi, Jorgenho’s wise move in the midfield should be considered in the Balon d’Or awards, says Italy’s Euro player Lorenzo Insigne.

I’m not old enough to say who should give the Balochistan, but Giorgino deserves it. He should definitely be on the shortlist. We call him Professor. Insigne says there is no player who likes to play so much. It is amazing how Jorgeno communicates with each of his teammates on the field. “He has an extraordinary ability to regain the rhythm of the game with small passes,” Insign said.
If Jorgenho is in deep midfield all the balls will go to him.

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Former Chelsea star Mark Hughes is watching the player realize what his role is. It was when Mauricio Sari coached Chelsea that Jorgenho was brought into the blue from Napoli. The reason was that Jorginho was good at playing a special passing game called Sari Ball. The story changed when Sari was sent off and Antonio Conte became Chelsea coach. Giorgino was sidelined. With the arrival of Thomas Tuchel, Jorgenhock was given a big role in Chelsea. The beginning of the era of Roberto Mancini in the Italian national team also benefited Jorgenco’s career.

Argentina cheated and cheered


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