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Messi rejects number 10 despite Neymar’s agreement; This is the reason behind taking the number 30 !!


  • Messi will now play at number 30
  • Neymar was ready to give the number 10
  • Because of his relationship with Barcelona

Superstar Lionel Messi has left Barcelona to join French club PSG in one of the most important transfers the football world has ever seen. Messi was brought to the PSG team at a cost of crores. The club have already added a number of big players to the transfer window this season. The goal is to win the next Champions League.

Messi was expected to wear the number 10 jersey in Argentina and Barcelona. But Messi unexpectedly arrives in the No. 30 jersey. Messi himself decided that this number was enough. This is the jersey number given to regular goalkeepers in the French league. The club eventually granted the legend the same number after seeking special permission.

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Brazilian superstar and Messi’s close friend Neymar was ready to give Messi his number 10 PSG jersey. But Messi refused. His closeness to Barcelona cemented him at number 30. Messi, a junior at the start of his career, first played for Barcelona in the No. 30 jersey. This is why Messi chose this number in the French league.

Messi Magic is now in Paris


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