SportsMessi played the first match for PSG and the opponent's unexpected actions

Messi played the first match for PSG and the opponent’s unexpected actions

Messi has 26 touches, 20 passes with 95% accuracy, 1 successful pass and 3 fouls.

A dribble of Messi

Immediately after the match, Messi received applause from the stands, teammates and also had an unexpected incident. Although the home team has just lost, goalkeeper Predrag Rajkovic on Reims’ side is still not afraid to show his affection for big rival Messi. This goalkeeper walked up to Messi and asked him to take a picture with his son. Without a moment’s hesitation, Messi held the boy in his arms as Rajkovic grabbed his phone to capture the memorable moment.

Not stopping there, Messi while going into the tunnel also gave an autograph to an elderly Reims fan.

Not many professional marks, but Messi still made a deep impression in the first time he played in Ligue 1.


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