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Messi and the “underground wave” with Icardi, the broken mirror healed with Ramos at PSG

However, in addition to close relationships, the star born in 1987 also has a grudge with a few players that he is about to stick at the rich French team. In particular, striker Mauro Icardi may not feel very happy when Messi is rolling out the red carpet to PSG. Icardi once caused a stir when he “robbed his best friend’s wife”. The striker born in 1993 is the main character in a love triangle and then married Maxi Lopez’s ex-wife. Previously, on a yacht vacation, Wanda Nara fell in love with young player Mauro Icardi (who is 7 years younger than her). At that time, Icardi was just starting his career and was a close friend, and was greatly helped by his compatriot Maxi Lopez.
Meanwhile, Maxi Lopez is very close to Messi, so it is understandable that M10 does not like Icardi. Messi is the number 1 star, as well as a player with a great voice and influence in the dressing room of the Argentina team. This is considered the main reason why Mauro Icardi, despite playing at a high level at club level in recent seasons, is still ignored by the Argentina team.

Messi is said to be the reason why Icardi cannot go to the national team

Many people think that Icardi will have a hard time living when Messi joins PSG. Therefore, it is not excluded that Icardi will feel unhappy and want to find a new destination. Even, it is not surprising if the French capital team may actively push the striker born in 1993 to leave to reduce the salary fund.
Besides Icardi, Ramos is not a stranger and does not have a good impression of Messi. In the super classic matches, football fans around the world are no stranger to the image of Ramos and Messi confronting each other, both literally and figuratively.

However, the fierce confrontation of Ramos and Messi is only representative of the fierce fighting spirit of the two teams that are considered great rivals. Both Messi and Ramos are professional players, playing at the highest level, so they will surely know how to reconcile when they both wear the same shirt.


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