WorldMessage from Japan on cooperation with Germany for peace in the Indo-Pacific

Message from Japan on cooperation with Germany for peace in the Indo-Pacific

According to the news of the Kyodo agency, Minister Person landed on the German navy frigate Bayern, which stopped in Tokyo as part of his visit to the Pacific ports.

Speaking here, Person drew attention to the fact that the Bayern frigate is the first German navy ship to visit Japan in the last 20 years.

Stating that the two countries share common core values, Person said that bilateral defense cooperation is the basis of “Free and Open Indo-Pacific”.

“It is of great importance that Germany demonstrates its determination to actively contribute to peace and stability in this region,” he said.

Next stop South Korea

Eberhard Zorn, Chief of the General Staff of the German Armed Forces, said that the Indo-Pacific region is “one of the most strategic areas”.

Emphasizing the importance of strengthening cooperation with Japan, Zorn noted that they will contribute to “keeping the maritime transport route free and open” in this region.

Public broadcaster NHK stated that, in the face of China’s regional activities, the two countries aim to deepen their defense cooperation.

The Bayern frigate, which left Germany in August, held a joint exercise with the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force (MSDF) before its visit to Tokyo.

Bayern, which will stay in Tokyo until November 12, will then participate in the joint exercise to be held with the participation of 20 ships from 5 countries, including Japan and the USA.

It is noted that the frigate, which is planned to anchor in South Korea later on, will pass through the South China Sea and stop by Vietnam and Singapore.

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