SportsMemphis, the soloist of Barcelona

Memphis, the soloist of Barcelona

Clinging to the waist of Memphis, Barça resolved an abhorrent match against Getafe. The goals of 9 relieve for the moment a team without 10. The Catalans have no leader, no authority or personality, always variable depending on the rival and pending on their youth, who make their debut with the passage of the games: Gavi followed Nico and Demir. You have to buy time because those who play now the ball burns, they concede goals without stopping, they do not know how to close the matches and they give themselves up to long periods of anxiety against rivals also for doing like Getafe. Míchel’s team always lacks something to crown neat performances like the one at Camp Nou.

Although Piqué and Eric García were missing, Barça lost for a moment the fear they had in San Mamés with the return of Ter Stegen, recovered from his injury and far superior to Neto. Playing without a rear-view mirror does not increase security in an always unstable team like Barça. The German goalkeeper favors, however, the exit of the leather and helps the midfielders, few so versatile and with the sense of team of Sergi Roberto. The feeling is that in a moment of uncertainty, Koeman prefers the players who are at the service of the collective to start with individuals capable of surprising such as Riqui, Gavi or Coutinho, candidates to replace Pedri.

Once the list of the best is lowered, according to the coach’s criteria, the necessary ones are imposed, so that the coach rewards Sergi Roberto and Braithwaite. The only singular footballer to capitalize on the game is the Memphis cash. Thus it was noticed as soon as the clash began with 1-0 and then 2-1. Lenglet went deep for the Dutchman, who opened to the left for Alba and his cross was finished off by Sergi Roberto after Braithwaite let the ball pass before David Soria. The arrival of the midfielder was as precise as it was fast and clean was the braided play from the Barça court. Memphis’s goal was even more precious for the maneuver of the 9, acclaimed in the feverish Camp Nou.

Memphis took the ball recovered by Busquets and offered a play in three acts from the right end of the Soria area. The control, the dribble, the pause and the dry shot to the goalkeeper’s right post were combined in a span of ground and without the striker moving an eyebrow to give Barça air. There was neither fluidity, nor control, nor aggressiveness in the Barça game and Getafe was attentive to losses of the ball, aware of Barça’s vulnerability in their area with and without Ter Stegen. The tie came precisely after a Barcelona mistake that led to Aleñá and Sandro’s wall and the goal of the Canarian striker who passed through La Masia. Sandro’s euphoric celebration stressed the Camp Nou.

The relief of Gavi and Nico

Nothing unhinges the fans more than the goals or the plays of the footballers who have applauded when they played in their team and both Sandro and Aleñá have worn Barça’s Barça jacket for a long time. The meeting was uncomfortable, the interruptions followed one another and the lack of rhythm paid for the siesta of a box chaired by the champion athlete Yulimar Rojas and the awarded soccer players at the European gala on Thursday in Stockholm. Míchel stirred up the contest with a defense of three centrals and the entrance of Damián. The Barça, nevertheless, effective in the auction, continued being a dull team, lost and dependent on Memphis.

The Barcelona players did not attack well, slow and predictable, and they defended worse, repetitive in the loss of the leather and weighed down by the absence of a right back after Emerson did not work either. The ball and the game were at the feet of Getafe, determined in the pressure, very finisher from the middle distance, intimidating in the medullary and more settled in defense after reducing the maneuvers of Memphis. There is no more Barça exit because not even the rivals notice Griezmann, more anonymous and hard-working than unbalancing, away from the Soria area. The landscape demanded Koeman’s intervention and Dest replaced the erratic Emerson. Although he defended better, Barça did not calm down, clumsy with the ball and subdued by Getafe.

Braithwaite’s injury accelerated the shift wheel and Koeman gave himself up to two youth players: rookie Gavi, substitute for Sergi Roberto, and Nico, who surprisingly came in for the Dane while Umtiti warmed up. The scene portrayed the decompensation of the Barça squad. Despite having players available to make up to three teams, Koeman struggles to square a competitive lineup for a league game. Nico and Gavi not only did not spoil more plays, but they applied La Masia’s solfege after a horrific stretch at the Camp Nou. The best half hour in years that Koeman saw, against Real, on the day messide dependence was fought, was surely followed by the worst in several seasons, against Getafe. Never had so many losses been counted at Barça.

Despite Gavi’s good work, the match remained so open due to the lack of solidity that the coach removed Griezmann to put Mingueza on. He bet to ensure the result and forget the game with the help of the League break. Koeman has to rethink the Barça of the soloist Memphis after asserting that his team knew how to suffer against Getafe.

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