Meet the country's first Muslim yoga teacher Rafia, despite millions of protests,...

Meet the country’s first Muslim yoga teacher Rafia, despite millions of protests, loves yoga

Yoga keeps us healthy. This is the identity of India, which is a boon to the whole world. International Yoga Day is celebrated all over the world on 21st June. We came to know about the importance of yoga during the Corona period. In fact, there are many yoga gurus in the country and abroad, who are making people physically and mentally strong through yoga. But, the story of Rafia Naaz, a resident of Ranchi, Jharkhand, is different. After knowing their story, you will also be proud of them. Rafia, today, through yoga, is making the children and youth of the country a better person. Today, yoga has become so engrossed that she has been honored with many national and international awards. However, all this was not so easy, for this she has come under the target of fanatics many times, but regardless, Rafia is bringing smiles on people’s faces.

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fell in love with yoga at the age of 4

Talking to NDTV, Rafia Naaz says that she fell in love with yoga when she was 4 years old. Yoga was being taught in school, so he expressed his desire to learn yoga from his father, which was accepted happily. Rafia told that mother and father always encouraged her to learn yoga. Today it is because of them that I have been able to take yoga education.


religion came in the way of yoga

Learning yoga was not liked by many fanatics. Being a Muslim, he had to face many problems many times. Rafia says that all this was not easy for me. I always got threats, but I kept walking towards my goal in the trust of Allah. My family always supported me. Due to yoga, I got the power to deal with them.


Yoga makes life better

Rafia tells that through yoga we can make our life the best. Yoga keeps us positive. With this we can eliminate the disorders of our mind.


Rafia has been honored with many awards

Rafia has been learning and teaching yoga for the last 14 years. Due to this, he has been honored with many national and international honors.


make life better for kids

Rafia says that through yoga, I am making the life of children better. With the help of my organization Yoga Beyond Religion, I am teaching yoga to children, saving them from wandering. In the future, these children will become excellent trainers.


2100 kids learn yoga online

Rafia says that during the Corona period, children had requested for online yoga classes, which I accepted. Currently 2100 children learn yoga online.


Rafia says that yoga is above religion. This is the way of life. It is neither Hindu nor Muslim, Yoga is only Yoga. Today many Muslim children learn yoga with me. It is my endeavor that people understand the goodness of yoga.


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