Meet 74-year-old Pataabi Raman... an auto driver by profession and speaks fluent...

Meet 74-year-old Pataabi Raman… an auto driver by profession and speaks fluent English

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Often people share more than one post on social media, which are sometimes quite interesting, sometimes they surprise everyone. Recently a similar post is going viral, reading which your head will also spin, when you come to know that a college retired lecturer is driving an auto rickshaw today, you may not even believe your ears after hearing it, but this its true. A 74-year-old auto driver, who is surprising everyone by talking in fluent English.

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Nikita Iyer has shared a post on the social media platform LinkedIn, drawing the attention of the world to the skill of the skill, in which he has mentioned 74-year-old Pataabi Raman. Nikita is telling in her post that she found an auto rickshaw driver in Bangalore who speaks fluent English, which she was also surprised to hear. Nikita says that those 45 minutes, in which she connected with the life of Pataabi Raman, got a chance to know about those special golden moments, which many people are now able to know through social media.

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In a viral post on social media, Nikita Iyer told that she was late for office, when Pataabi Raman asked her where she wanted to go. She told that she had to reach her office at the other end of the city and she was already quite late, to which Pataabi Raman answered her in English, which she was surprised to hear.

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Nikita told that it took me 45 minutes to reach the office, meanwhile I asked him how he could speak English so well, to which Pataabi Raman told that he was an English lecturer in a college in Mumbai. (English lecturer). He has done MA and MEd. Further Pataabi Raman said that now you might want to ask why am I driving auto in the end? He elaborated that he has been driving autos for the last 14 years, ever since he retired as a college lecturer. He further told that he worked as a lecturer in Mumbai, as he could not get any job in Karnataka. He told that he was only asked ‘caste’, fed up with this response from colleges in Karnataka, he moved to Mumbai in Maharashtra, where he got a job in a reputed college.

He worked for 20 years at a college in Powai before retiring at the age of 60 and moved back to Bengaluru, Karnataka. He laughed and told that the teachers are not paid well. You can earn maximum 10 to 15,000/- and one was a private institute so i don’t have pension. By driving a rickshaw, I get at least 700 to 1500/- in a day. This is enough for me and my ‘girlfriend’. Laughing at the word ‘girlfriend’, he told that he calls his wife his girlfriend. He further told that he has a son, who helps him in paying the rent. He told that we are not dependent on children. They live their lives and we are happily living our lives.

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Nikita Iyer finished his post with praise for Pataabi Raman and wrote, ‘No complaints with life. No regrets. There is a lot to learn from these hidden heroes. More than 72,000 people have liked this post and more than 2,300 shares have been shared so far.

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