World'(Mediterranean oil spill) We see that there is not much pollution left'

‘(Mediterranean oil spill) We see that there is not much pollution left’

Vice President Fuat Oktay and TRNC President Ersin Tatarheld a joint press conference at the Presidential Complex.

Oktay stated that the leak started with the leakage of fuel oil from a storage tank of 15,000 cubic meters at the power plant located near a refinery in Baniyas, Syria. Stating that the leakage and the pollution caused by it were immediately intervened, Oktay said, “We also took immediate measures against the risk of hitting the shores of Cyprus, especially in the Dipkarpaz region.” said.

Oktay continued:

“There were already 3 sea vehicles in Cyprus; 8 vehicles also went to the region from here, including tugboats. Our Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure and Environment and Urbanization has taken very serious measures from Turkey. As of now, we do not see any risk in Cyprus. Afterwards, with the wind also changing direction, we took serious measures this time, with the direction of Iskenderun, Hatay and Samandağ regions. We had two big ships. We sent both to Cyprus and on the other hand, we sent two more ships to the Hatay region. The scene we see there is this: the pollution is now superficial, we see that there is no pollution to a large extent, it is more piecemeal. We are cleaning the pollution in an area of ​​​​approximately 800-1000 kilometers, where the pollution is formed by particles the size of a coin, so to speak. It is an insurmountable risk. Thank you once again to our brothers in both Hatay and TRNC. I would like to give the message that there is no serious risk that the measures are taken.”

“We have succeeded in overcoming disasters in unity, solidarity and solidarity”

Expressing his satisfaction with the support given by the TRNC government due to the recent disasters in Turkey, Oktay said, “As Turkey, we have experienced an intense period of disaster for the last 1.5 to 2 months, both fires and floods. We succeeded in solidarity.” said.

Oktay continued:

“Today, Mr. President also saw the scene on the field. During the fires, the TRNC government and our brothers contributed to the restructuring of a village in order to show our unity and solidarity. Once again, I thank God for those who lost their lives in both fire and flood disasters. My condolences to their relatives and our nation. Our wounded have received their treatment. Our campaign to search for our missing people with all seriousness continues. We have now entered a period of intense healing of our wounds.

Our President followed every step closely. Our ministers are already on the field. I hope that all the buildings, including the buildings, will be rebuilt and delivered within a year at the latest. We had a damaged hospital there, you may remember. Praise be to the regions where patients were rescued from the air, now they have all started to serve again one by one.

With climate change, we must be even more prepared from now on. It is especially related to the fact that houses are not built on stream beds. On this occasion, I would like to once again remind our citizens from here, especially our citizens in the Black Sea region.”

“The Maraş issue is being drawn to different areas by the Greek Cypriot side”

Emphasizing that the developments in Varosha were especially drawn to different areas by the Greek Cypriot Administration, Oktay said, “We insisted on that place. We stated that such an evil could not be done to a city where a dead area, excuse me, an area where rats roam, should be opened to the use of people and children.” said.

Oktay shared the information that the region is lively at the moment and that hundreds of thousands of people visit the region, and said:

“This place is also open to the South side, so this will continue to increase. By pulling this in different directions, I would like to give another message to the Greek Cypriot side, which is in different games both before the EU and different courts. There is no point in taking the ball out of the field. “We are opening Maraş to the service of humanity. The TRNC has such a decision. Again, your personal, the government has had serious work. We, as Turkey, stood behind your work and will continue to do so. A drilling work in the field no. 10 there of the oil fields in Cyprus.” There is also an explanation from the Greek Cypriot side about what can be done or will be done and we understand that they are trying to raise the tension.

In return, it is unthinkable for both the TRNC and Turkey to have their hands tied, and we have already stated this very clearly. This means that we will start drilling works. This would be the answer. We cannot think of any other answer. We follow with envy your suggestions and works on the basis of two sovereign equal states, especially in the international arena. Unfortunately, we also see the efforts of the Greek Cypriot side to take the game off the field. In a way that leads to the 1960 solutions. There is no point in wasting time again with non-existent and unworkable works and solutions. You presented your proposal to the Secretary General of the United Nations and expressed it openly to the whole world. I would like to express once again that we fully support your proposal.”

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