SportsMbappé even if the world gets angry

Mbappé even if the world gets angry

The law of the market. Florentino, without any poor complex, stood before him Paris Saint Qatar and, knowing that the price for each gram of crack He is through the roof, put on a good face and said: “I want Kylian Mbappé for 160 million.” An outrageous figure for the player’s remaining contract year and for the pandemic budgets from which we come. But the PSQ, angry as it is, demands a minimum of 200 million not to get angry even more. The anger is critical because if the Arabs rebound, it is suspected that revenge can be terrible, to the point that in the future they are able to buy even the memory of Bernabéu and Di Stéfano. The other possibility is to wait a year, finish the futuristic stadium and fill it with illusion with the arrival of the futuristic Kylian. In the 21st century, you walk that hard or you are nobody.

The energy of the optimist. The one who takes care of the band reserved for Mbappé is 21 years old, his name is Vinicius and it must be recognized that he occupies it with an enviable optimism. If any player these days looked back in time to see that the threat was called Hazard, and then looked forward and saw that the new threat will be called Mbappé, they would drop to the ground and cry. Vinicius, no. Waiting for Hazard and Mbappé to materialize in their respective ways, he lives football with a smile and from time to time he gives us prodigious goals that speak of his progress. “Here I am” seems to tell us the constant and resounding promise that competes against realities to be specified, but that takes all the headlines. What will happen to Vinicius in the future? Nobody knows, but the energy of an optimist of his size is a capital in which I would invest.

The same. If playing close to Messi is a complex player, replacing Messi is scary. Depay fell for that china and is solving it naturally. In football, what I look for most is disappearing: astonishment. For that reason I liked Depay’s letter of introduction to the Real. He received a ball in the middle of the field, on his back and on top of Le Normand. The dribbling that was invented included taco and hat in one touch. I applauded, because this game also lives on delicacies. Since then, everything he did made sense, taste and danger. In Bilbao, Barça was subjected to pressure that divorced the team from its best striker, but it was enough to find him with a deep ball for Depay to nail it with his left foot and violently at the closest angle. From that delicacy to this forcefulness, two games were enough to show us that he is not coming to replace Messi, but to be Depay.

The powers of the new football. As Europe is the owner of great football, the Champions League was enough to show off its power of seduction with matches that promise formidable matches. But one thing is the power of seduction and another is the power, without more. Because at the same time that the attractive draw was taking place, the Premier and the League refused to give up their players to countries at pandemic risk (especially South America) for the qualifying matches of the next World Cup. They allege that, upon returning, the players would have to pass a quarantine, and that the loss of those talents in some matches would distort the competition. It is reasonable. As reasonable as thinking that the absence of key players in their respective teams distorts the World Cup qualification. Is the Premier more than a World Cup? No, it is more economic power than symbolic power.

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