IndiaMaximum 40 km when traveling with children; Helmets and seat belts...

Maximum 40 km when traveling with children; Helmets and seat belts are mandatory

New Delhi: The Central Government has issued a draft notification to amend the law relating to the safety of children traveling in two-wheelers. Helmets are also mandatory for young children to ensure safe travel on two-wheelers.

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Helmets are mandatory for children between the ages of nine months and four years. Helmets must be worn in accordance with BIS standards. At the same time, helmets used for cycling are also allowed.

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Earlier, children under the age of four were not considered adult passengers. In addition to the helmet, the child must be fastened with a seat belt to the two-wheeler driver when traveling with children under the age of four.

A proposal has also been issued to restrict the speed of two-wheelers traveling with children. The center’s new directive says bikes and scooters traveling with small children should not exceed 40 kilometers per hour.

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The central government’s action comes in the wake of several children being injured in road accidents. The government plans to finalize the law within a year. The new safety guidelines are part of efforts to ensure the safety of children.