India"Match Celebrate Life"; World Malayalee Council Middle East Seminar

“Match Celebrate Life”; World Malayalee Council Middle East Seminar

Dubai: The World Malayalee Council Middle East Regional Women’s Forum and the Dubai Province Women’s Forum jointly organized a seminar on the theme “Celebrate Life to match”. Secretary Rani Lijesh welcomed the audience at the meeting, which was chaired by Esther Isaac, President of the Middle East Regional Women’s Forum.

Johnny Kuruvila, Global Chairman, World Malayalee Council inaugurated the seminar. Isaac John Pattaniparambil, Chairman, Global Advisory Board, delivered the introductory address.

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We are all born and raised on this earth with the spirit of adaptation, but it is when we grow up that life becomes less celebratory and without adaptations. In his speech, Shri Gopinath Muthukadu said that it is enough to celebrate life only if one knows the reasons for eliminating compatibility.

World Malayalee Council Global President TP Vijayan honored Professor Gopinath Muthukadu with a certificate. Global VP Admin C.U. Matthew Greetings and Global VP Middle East Region Charles Paul Review

Certificates for Ananya Aneesh, Archana Soman and Mohammad Fayaz from the Region were presented by Global Women’s Forum Chairperson Thankamani Divakaran, President Janet Varghese and Middle East by President Janet Varghese.

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Middle East Region President Shahul Hameed, General Secretary Santosh Ketteth, Treasurer Rajeev Kumar, VP Admin Vinesh Mohan, Secretary CA Biju and Dubai Women’s Forum President Asha Charles delivered the congratulatory message. The event started with a prayer hymn by Bhavni Rajesh of Ummal Coin Province and was hosted by Dubai Province member Preetha Jacob and Lakshmi Lal introduced the distinguished guests.

Women’s Forum Coordinators Bindu Babu, Joshila Shabu, Social Media Chairman Abdul Aziz and Jacob coordinated the event. Rajeev Kumar and Abhirami Jayan controlled the zoom. Smitha Jayan, Treasurer, Middle East Region Women’s Forum, expressed gratitude. Middle East Media Chairman VS Bijukumar said that the event ended with the national anthem.

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