India'Masters degree holders can also raise goats, change the mindset of government...

‘Masters degree holders can also raise goats, change the mindset of government jobs’: HC


  • The position that everyone wants a government job.
  • High Court with criticism.
  • Woman – Court to change the mindset of young people.

Kochi: The High Court has said that the demand for government jobs for all is only in Kerala. Young woman – The mindset of the youth should change. The attitude that no sheep can be raised after getting a master’s degree should be changed. The government spokesperson said that government job is not the end of life and while considering a petition related to PSC job.

Crores of financial fraud; Petition filed in the Supreme Court against Mani C Kappan
The petition, filed by a private individual, was heard by a bench of Justices Alexander Thos and A. Badaruddin. The court’s reference was to the dismissal of the petition. About 75% of government revenue is spent on salaries and other benefits. It is the position of the new generation that government jobs are needed. MSc students can also raise sheep. The court said the problem was that it was not ready for it.

The court clarified that the demand for government jobs is only in Kerala and that only the Central Government has the right to print the note. He added that the country’s GDP was at a low ebb following the Covid-19 crisis.

malayalam samayamForeign-made liquor will not increase in price; Bevco withdrew from the decision
A person who lost the opportunity due to not being able to submit the Experience Certificate at the time requested by the PSC approached the High Court with the petition. The court rejected his plea.

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