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Mars-like atmosphere created in the desert of Israel, what do scientists want to do?

Tel Aviv
Scientists in Israel have created a Mars-like atmosphere in Ramon Crater. A team of five men and one woman has been accommodated at this place for a month. Through these people, scientists are trying to find out what it would be like for humans to live on Mars for a month. Ramon Crater is located in the desert area in the south of Israel.

Seeing the picture will feel the planet Mars
An expedition base AMADEE-20 has also been built in this crater. A rover is being tested on the rough ground in front of its door. The antenna for the solar panel is set a few steps away on the left side of the base. This whole area is surrounded by red colored rocks and mountains. If the picture of this area is shown, then people can easily consider it to be of Mars.

Scientists doing scientific tests outside wearing space suits
The AMADEE-20 base is built on the side of a steep slope of a hill. Inside this base these six scientists sleep, eat and experiment. When they go out, they wear fake space suits fitted with cameras, microphones and breathing machines. Gernot Gromer, director of the Austrian Space Forum, said that we are practicing every situation here in which there is a possibility of failure.

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Scientist said – we want to make all the mistakes on earth itself
He said that we want to make all the mistakes on earth itself. We hope not to repeat these mistakes on Mars. The Austrian association is running the project in collaboration with the Israeli Space Agency and the local group D-MARS. Recently, several successful space missions to Mars have attracted astronauts from all over the world. But, the manned mission may have to wait for more than a decade now.

Israel Mars 034

All six scientists are under camera surveillance
All the six members of this team are under camera surveillance for 24 hours. A team of scientists is keeping an eye on his every move. Spread over 120 square meters (1,300 sq ft), the base is designed to be the most modern analog research station. Outside the base, a team of scientists in space suits are learning navigation and mapping methods using drones and robots.

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NASA to make nuclear rocket to take humans to Mars
The US space agency NASA is preparing to send humans to Mars by 2035. It still remains a challenge for NASA to reach humans to Mars, located about 23 million kilometers from Earth. That’s why NASA is now going to work on a plan to make a nuclear-powered rocket. This rocket will take humans to Mars in three months. If such a rocket is made, then NASA can get great success in future space missions as well.

It now takes 7 months to reach Mars
Actually, the biggest problem facing NASA in transporting humans to Mars is the rocket. Because, all the rockets currently available take at least 7 months to reach Mars. If humans are sent to such a distance, then there may be a shortage of oxygen by reaching Mars. The second concern is that the atmosphere of Mars is not conducive to human habitation. The temperature there is colder than Antarctica. It can be dangerous to arrive with low oxygen in such inclement weather.