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Marcos Alonso: “In Spain they know me less than in Italy or England”

When Luis Enrique took over the national team after the 2018 World Cup, Marcos Alonso (Madrid, 30 years old) entered the first two calls in September and October. Julen Lopetegui had made him debut six months earlier in a friendly against Argentina (6-1) and in the Asturian coach’s debut he was a starter in the first edition of the Nations League, against England at Wembley (1-2). A month later, the English, led by Harry Kane, prevailed in Seville (2-3) and Alonso disappeared from the national team. Grandson and son of notable footballers (Marquitos and Marcos) to form a historical saga, being the three internationals, and champion of the last Champions League with Chelsea, where he has won the trust of Thomas Tuchel, on Wednesday, in San Siro, He reappeared as an international with an outstanding performance.

Question. After three years, you yourself had confessed that you had little hope of returning. Do you feel that against Italy you graduated from the national team?

Answer. I don’t know, more than anything, little by little people in Spain are getting to know me. I have had a career abroad, people see the League more than the Premier and it may have been surprising, but I know what I am capable of and what I have been doing for years.

P. Do you think you are under-recognized?

R. No, in all the teams I have felt recognized and loved. In Spain is where they know me least, less than in Italy or England.

P. Do internationals who are out despite playing for big clubs perceive this lack of ignorance?

R. Yes, but it is normal, in the end people are closer to what they see more.

P. Have you been undemanding of yourself?

R. On the contrary, I have had complicated moments in which it has not been easy to give everything and even more. For this reason, sooner or later I have ended up proving what I am. Bolton, to whom I arrived injured and at the age of 19, was a team that did not practice the attacking game that I was used to at Real Madrid and I ended up doing it well and going to Fiorentina. There he had the team captain and side of the Italian team in front of him. [Pasqual] and that of the Peruvian team [Vargas] and I ended up playing. At Chelsea I had Ivanovic and this is already my sixth season. Lack of demand from me, no.

P. Is it then that it makes little noise?

R. Where I can make noise is in the field and that I have always tried to the maximum. In the end, it is the opinion of each coach to choose whoever they want and, in the case of the coach, choose, and they must be respected.

P. You were in the first two lists of Luis Enrique and you stopped being summoned. Did you wonder why?

R. No, the truth is that for a long time I have taken the national team as a reward, in the end I play for my club and try to do my best. If later I am lucky enough to come to the national team, I take it as a reward for work.

P. The analyzes made by the press in general about his three-year absence focus on the Seville match in which England win (2-3). You and Nacho disappeared from the national team since that defeat. Defensively, you didn’t convince the coach? <

R. I don’t know what to say, the coach will know that. In the national team there are great players and the competition is maximum.

P. Against Italy was the game in which you felt most comfortable in the national team?

R. Yes, it was the best match, against Italy, at San Siro, after 37 games without losing that they had and being European champions. It was a great opportunity to show that we are a great team. I was left with the desire to put the finishing touch to the game with the occasion that I had.

P. He was very loose from the beginning …

R. With these players everything is a little easier.

P. Is the thesis that you can’t play on a four-defense line over?

R. Well, that … this week I’m the best in the line of four and we’ll see what comes next, this is so. It all depends on the last game.

P. But you had already played a lot in line of four.

R. Especially in Madrid, I did not play in a row of five until I went to Italy. For me the different thing at that time was playing in defense of five. In the end you get used to it, it is true that changing from one day to the next is not that easy because you are used to other things after so much time playing one way.

P. Have you improved defensively over the years?

R. Without a doubt, although I am not going to say that I have learned to defend in these three years that I have not come to the national team. When I left Madrid we were used to defending the right thing, but since my time at Bolton and in Italy, where tactics are trained a lot, and at Chelsea, with an Italian coach like Conte, I have been improving in all facets. I have worked a lot and also with the help of coaches and teammates. Playing, you learn.

P. Does Tuchel demand more of him in defense or in attack?

R. If we compare with Conte, who also played with the system of five, we even have more freedom to arrive and a little less defensive responsibility, but it depends on the rival and the game.

P. Has Tuchel’s arrival been a blessing for you?

R. The truth is that yes, the time back has been complicated. It is something that happens to all footballers at one point in their career, that you have a coach who does not count on you or you are not to your liking. But I have always tried to do my best, I have shown even when playing with Lampard at that time that I was ready to help the team.

P. How did it come to throw the fouls?

R. I always liked to stay after training and when I was little we would shoot fouls, I like it.

P. Did you take something from your father?

R. I believe that everything, if I have to say a reference is him both on and off the field. He and my family have made the decisions together, I have feared the luck of having that experience at home.

P. That experience comes from a very long saga..

R. Yes, my father also had that luck with my grandfather.

P. His father, who was extreme, had a great temper with defenders. Are you calmer?

R. Those were other times, there was no VAR and they really gave, they would have their reasons. In the videos you can see that they hit. Today you can not stick like in that time. He had a lot of character, I a little less, but it also depends on the moment.

P. He was at the beginning of the first stage of Luis Enrique and now. Has the idea of ​​the game changed anything?

R. No, the match with Italy is the example of what this team has always played. It is a very convenient style for the type of players that we have.

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