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Marc Márquez suffers a head injury after a heavy crash at the Indonesian GP

Marc Márquez (Cervera, Lleida; 29 years old) went flying through the air during the morning warm-up session of the Indonesian GP and had to be evacuated to the hospital. He suffers from “multiple trauma and head trauma with unstable consciousness” and could cause him to drop out of the second race of the season, which takes place at 8 in the morning, Spanish time (on DAZN and Movistar +). The Spanish rider was abruptly ejected by his motorcycle in the middle of a curve: at the moment of opening the throttle, the rear tire made a strange and caused a violent shake of the Honda, which threw Márquez into the air. The impact against the asphalt was brutal.

Despite the terrible fall, Márquez quickly got up from the ground. He could walk, but he looked very dazed. In the end, he had to be evacuated by helicopter and taken to hospital, where further tests would be carried out and he would be kept under observation. A few hours later, he returned to the circuit, with a bandage on the elbow of his right arm and still a little dizzy. The Honda team has not communicated whether he will contest the race, for which he had a critical starting position: from 14th on the grid.

This Sunday morning was the fourth fall of Márquez in this second weekend of racing. The one from Cervera, who doesn’t feel comfortable with his new Honda, lost control of his bike in the second practice session on Friday. And the same thing happened to him again during the qualifying session on Saturday, when he had two almost identical accidents that prevented him from fighting for the pole position and took him away from the top of the standings on Saturday. Those three falls, however, were different, as well as lighter. On those first three occasions, he lost control of the front end when he was seeking the limits of his bike; in the crash this Sunday it was the rear axle that gave way. And the brutality of the accident was much greater. Also the consequences of it.

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