Man was forcibly feeding banana to monkey, he got angry, hit a...

Man was forcibly feeding banana to monkey, he got angry, hit a strong punch and then did this condition – Watch Viral Video

The man was forcibly feeding a banana to the monkey, he got angry, hit a strong punch

Everyone is fond of going to the animals in the zoo and giving them fruits or food items. People go to the animals and try to feed them with their own hands and also get them clicked photos or make videos. But, if you also do this, then do not forget to watch this video going viral on social media. From this short video, you will learn that animals like us sometimes like to sit in peace, it is not necessary that they are ready to eat all the time or anytime. In such a situation, if someone forces them with them, then animals can also create difficulties for them.

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In this video going viral, a man with a monkey did something similar when the monkey was sitting peacefully. The man is trying to forcefully feed a banana to the monkey. Then the monkey got angry and taught the person a lesson. This video has been shared on Twitter by a user named @HoodComedyEnt. The video has been viewed more than 1 lakh times on social media so far. People are also commenting a lot on the video.

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In the video you can see that a monkey is sitting very comfortably and peacefully in the zoo. Then a person goes to the monkey and tries to forcefully feed him a banana. The monkey ignores it for some time at first, but in a short time it flares up and hits the person with a loud punch.

After this, a video has also been shared on Twitter, in which you can see that the angry monkey snatches the banana from the person’s hand and makes the banana in a bad condition in anger. So after watching this video, you must have understood that animals also like to sit peacefully like us and they are not in the mood to entertain us all the time.

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