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Mamta Banerjee gave ‘religious formula’ for Goa, said – this is the meaning of TMC


  • TMC chief Mamata Banerjee in Goa says BJP calls her anti-Hindu
  • Mamta said, ‘T’ means temple in ‘TMC’, ‘M’ means mask and ‘C’ means church
  • TMC has started bringing in many local leaders in its side

During the rallies of Bengal Assembly elections, Trinamool Congress (TMC) chief Mamta Banerjee performed Chandipath. The question arose as to what is the need of telling this during the election. On the other hand, in the role of opposition, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) continued to target Mamta Banerjee. With the election results, the reason behind Mamta’s bet also came to the fore. Now Mamta Banerjee is again making a strategy. These days he is in Goa. Mamata Banerjee, who arrived here on Thursday evening on a three-day visit to Goa, said that her party does not want to contest elections here to make the state strong and self-reliant. He also said that the governance of the state will not run from Delhi.

Not only this, Trinamool Congress president Mamata Banerjee told her party workers in Goa on Friday that the BJP calls her “anti-Hindu”, though it has no right to give them a “character certificate”. Banerjee said that in her party’s name ‘TMC’, ‘T’ stands for temple, ‘M’ stands for Mosk (mosque) and ‘C’ stands for Church.

‘Announced to contest the upcoming elections’
Banerjee said her party does not divide people on religious lines, whether they are Hindu, Muslim or Christian. TMC has announced to contest the upcoming elections on all 40 assembly seats of Goa. The party has started bringing in many local leaders in its fold. Banerjee’s visit is being seen as her attempt to gauge the political mood in the state ahead of the assembly elections due in early 2022.

‘…then they spoil my posters’
During her first interaction with TMC leaders in Goa, Banerjee accused the BJP of removing their posters in the state and said that the people of India will remove the saffron party. She said, ‘When I come to Goa, they spoil my posters. You will be expelled from India. Banerjee said that if the TMC comes to power in Goa, it will work for the state and not with an agenda of revenge. He said that the three letters of his party’s name ‘TMC’ mean ‘Temple, Mask and Church’. Banerjee, 66, said, “The BJP calls him anti-Hindu, but it has no right to give him a character certificate. First they should decide their character.

Mamta attacked Congress
Referring to the Congress, he said the party has fought elections for 60-70 years. “Last time (in the 2017 Goa elections) you (Congress) gave a chance to the BJP to form the government. They can do this again. How can we trust them? TMC is ready to give its blood for Goa, but it will not compromise with BJP.