IndiaMamata Banerjee is not allowed to attend the World Peace Conference

Mamata Banerjee is not allowed to attend the World Peace Conference


  • The conference is being held in October
  • The Center has said that a state chief minister should not attend the event
  • The Italian government requested that no other delegates be present

New Delhi: West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has been denied permission by the Center to attend the World Peace Conference in Italy. The conference will be held at the Vatican in October. The Union Ministry of External Affairs has said that this is not an event that a state chief minister should attend.

The event, which will focus on Mother Teresa, will be attended by German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Pope Francis and Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi. The Italian government has asked Mamata to come without other delegates. He then sought the permission of the Ministry of External Affairs.

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Trinamool spokesperson Debanshu Bhattacharya has strongly criticized the Centre’s move. “The central government denied Didi permission to go to Rome. Earlier, he was also denied permission to travel to China. We accepted it out of respect for international relations and national interests. Now why Italy, Modi ji? What is your problem with Bengal?” Debanshu tweeted.

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Trinamool alleges political interest in not allowing Italy to travel The Center is not ready to comment further on the issue.

Meanwhile, Mamata will visit Goa. Mamata Banerjee is visiting Goa in the run-up to next year’s elections. The Trinamool Congress plans to fight the BJP. Political strategist Prashant Kishore will accompany Mamata in Goa. A 200-member team from Prashant’s I Pak will work for the Trinamool Congress in Goa. The I-Pak team was at the helm of Trinamool’s victory in Bengal. Goa is expected to hold assembly elections in February 2022.

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