WorldMali: thousands of people demonstrate in Bamako against the French presence

Mali: thousands of people demonstrate in Bamako against the French presence

AA / Bamako / Amarana Maiga

Thousands of people took to the streets of Bamako, the Malian capital, on Wednesday to protest against the French presence in Mali and against the Community of West African States (ECOWAS), at the call of the Civil society movement “Yérèwolo Débout sur les Remparts”.

“The objective of this event is to demand the departure of France, call on ECOWAS and the African Union to act in the interest of the peoples for a united Africa”, declared Bassarou Sylla, founding member of the Yérèwolo movement (worthy men) .

“Since we talked about Russia and Wagner, France has been panicked, she no longer sleeps. Wagner who helped the Central African army to liberate themselves. It is this same Wagner who will work hand in hand with the Malian army, to liberate the entire territory. There is panic and insomnia at the Quai d’Orsay, “said Sidiki Kouyaté, one of the Movement’s spokespersons.

“We will not be able to rebuild our country as long as the colonial power is present. France must change its methodology and strategy with Mali so that we finally sign a partnership of equals”, declared Allaye Bocoum, vice-president of the African Solidarity Party for Democracy and Independence (SADI), also present at the demonstration.

The organizers of the rally also indicated that “it is France which has favored the communal conflict in the country”.

It was France which established the community conflict in the center, which generalized insecurity throughout the country. This is why we are asking for the departure of France “, explained Sidiki Kouyaté, one of the spokespersons of the Yérèwolo Movement.

Adama Ben Diarra, adviser to the National Transitional Council and leader of the Yérèwolo Movement affirmed that “more than 15,000 deaths have been recorded in Mali since the intervention of France.”.

“The enemies are increasing in power. The number of burned villages, displaced persons and refugees are increasing. The resurgence of violence is felt throughout the country to the point of affecting the subsistence minimum. France is” helping “the Mali and “aid” to terrorism constitutes the essential link in the forces which destroy peace in Mali by using the UN screen, “he continued.

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